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How To Make Smoked Meat In Going Medieval?

Why Smoked Meat is the best food in Going Medeival? You can preserve this for long and here is a guide on to cook Smoked Meat?

Smoking Meat is a way to cook Meat in Going Medieval, as well it increases the shelf life of the food. Smoking meat ensures you have a decent supply of food even during the winters when harvesting food becomes difficult. It is thus an important element in the game and in today’s article we will guide you on how to smoke meat in Going Medieval.

How to make Smoked Meat in Going Medieval?


In order to smoke meat in Going Medieval, you first need to build a smokehouse and researching the technology for preserving the food. To build a smokehouse, you will first have to research the technology that unlocks it. Follow the instructions given below to do so:

How to Research Preserving Food

  • In order to start researching preserving food, you will need to build a research table under the production menu.
  • To build a research table, you will need 60 pieces of wood.
  • After you’re done building your research table, it’s now time to begin making chronicle books.
  • To make chronicle books, you will need to make a total of 50 books for good measure, as 30 books will be used to research all of the technologies present in the tree until you can research preserving food. Once you reach the point where you can begin to research preserving food, you will need to use another 20 chronicles.
  • Upon the unlocking of the preserving food technology, you will now be able to build your very own smokehouse.


going medieval preserving food

 Building the Smokehouse

  • You can build your smokehouse with 70 clay that you can acquire by digging.
  • Once you acquire enough clay, build a smokehouse. Once your smokehouse is built, initiate a production menu inside it.
  • Upon beginning a production menu, make sure to assign the job of cooking to someone so that you can now begin making your very own smoked meat.


And that’s it! With a few easy steps, you too can now preserve and prepare the meat by smoking it in Going Medieval. Do not forget to read our Beginners Tips guide on the game to get some secret hints.