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Going Medieval Cooking Guide – How to Cook Meal & Store Food?

Guide on how to build a campfire to cook food in Going Medieval? Also learn how to store food in underground bases and farming tips.

Settlers cannot survive without food in Going Medieval. If you are making them working hard to build the best castle in Going Medieval, then you will need a lot of food. The best way to cook food is by building a Campfire. Also later you can unlock Smokehouse to produce smoked meat.

How to Cook Food in Going Medieval?


Going Medival Campfire

To cook food build a campfire. Collect 15 Woods and go to the Production Build menu in Going Medieval. It is on the bottom left of the screen, select and build a campfire. You can place it inside a house or outside in the open. Follow the steps below to build a campfire.

  1. Collect 15 Woods and open on the Production Build menu.
  2. Select the Campfire and drag it to the floor.
  3. Wait for some time unless a settler starts working on it. You can place the campfire indoors and outdoors.
  4. You can place more than 1 campfire to speed up cooking.
  5. Go outside and collect raw vegetables, fruits or kill animals for meat.
  6. In the beginning, you can collect berries, mushrooms, etc. Keep exploring for more items.
  7. Click on Product Menu and then go to Meal.
  8. Place your Raw Food on the Campfire. You can adjust the quantity of raw food based on the number of colonists or settlers in the colony.
  9. You can also adjust the time interval to produce a meal. If you pick the option “Forever”, the campfire will keep on producing food.


Later you can start farming in Going Medieval and start growing your own food. You can use this to cook a meal in the campfire, so no need to waste time finding food. The challenge here is to get enough Raw Food to keep on cooking meals in Going Medieval. Make sure you can optimize the cooking and avoid wasting food.

How to Store Food in Going Medieval?

Going Medival Farming


Food can rot in Going Medieval, storing it in the right place will save a lot of effort. The best place is store food in Going Medieval is in the Underground Base. Because of lower temperature food do not spoil faster. Building an Underground Base is not tough. You just need to make sure the roof does not crash on the head of settlers. To help you try this guide – Quick Tips to Build Underground Base in Going Medieval.

You can also place the food inside a small house or in the castle. But can prone to harsh weather like cold winter or hot summer. Further, you will unlock the smokehouse in Going Medieval. Best way to get smoked meat, below items are required to produce this food.

  1. 10 Raw Meat
  2. 3 Fuel
  3. Required Skill: Culinary: 10


Going Medieval is all about building the strongest castle. This will let you expand your colony, survive raids and wild animals. There will be constant attacks also, but a good base can survive with the right strategy.