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Tips and Tricks to Build Underground Base – Going Medieval

Here is what not to do if you are building an Underground Base in Going Medieval. Also some quick tips to build the best base.

Want some help to construct an underground room in Going Medieval? Well in this guide I am going to share tips on how to build underground in Going Medieval. How to dig out caves and construct a hidden room to store valuable resources.

How to Build an Underground Base in Going Medieval?


Underground Base is a useful part of the castle in Going Medieval. First, you can use it to store food and resources. Food spoils less as it is not in direct exposure to heat and cold. Second settlers can stay in it to avoid hot weather.  You can place beds, build a multi-level underground base. Follow the steps below to build an underground base in Going Medieval.

Going Medival Underground Base Guide

Start with building a small house above the ground. It will act as the entrance to the underground base. The first thing you will need is stairs. Or else the settlers cannot enter,  mine the floor to build stairs first. Use the pickaxe to Mine 3 Blocks in a Line and place a set of wooden stairs. You can then mine more to build different levels of rooms. You can go a layer down to expand the underground base.


Press Z or X to view the currently visible layer in Going Medieval. Pressing the CTRL key will help you to tweak the elevation of levels. A strong foundation is required to maintain the integrity of the underground base. Use Wooden Beams to support the roof and walls, or else the roof will fall down destroying the base. Each Wooden Beam will cost around 15 Woods, put a team of settlers to cut down the nearby trees.

Important Tips to Build Underground Base:

  1. Place a door and stairs first.
  2. Use Wooden Beams three tiles apart to support the roof.
  3. Avoid expanding the underground rooms without support. Or else the roof will collapse.
  4. Set the Food in 3.0 Level, the temp is best enough to reduce food rotting.
  5. You can build up to level 5.0.
  6. Place fireplace during the cold season to avoid settlers freezing.
  7. Underground base is best to protect settlers from the summer heat.


The above tips will definitely help you to build an Underground Base in Going Medieval. Also if you want to clear the grounds, then read this to destroy buildings in Going Medieval. There are some early Beginners Tips you can go through to learn a little more about this game.