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Best Early Tips & Tricks For Going Medieval Players

Do you wish to know the best tips and tricks for Going Medieval? Check them out right here

Going Medieval Tips and Tricks will give you a perfect starting point when you’re getting into this amazing Real-Time Strategy simulation game. These tips will help you get a strong hold in the game so that you do not struggle in the later stages. All that you have to do is pay attention to all the tiny key details and everything else will fall into place.

Going Medieval Beginner Guide


Here are a few hints, tips, and tricks for all new Going Medieval players:

Going Medival Beginner Guide Tips and Tricks


Be Accepting To New Members

While it can seem strange that you would want to have strangers enter your village and roam free, but there’s a silver lining to it. New members can help you build things faster and make it possible for you to complete more tasks.

To ensure the smoothness of things, you will need to have archers at their stations to ensure that the invaders never get to destroy your village, but those that genuinely want to help can do so.


Archer Watchtowers Are A Must

Having archer watchtowers will ensure that your village gets protection from within and outside the walls, this will help you to police the villagers and at the same time keep the invaders at bay. Archers come in handy right from the get-go.

Giving them a properly and strategically situated watchtower will ensure that they’re always ready to protect your interests and the more you construct the better protection and policing you guarantee for yourself.


Redcurrant Shrubs Are Important

Redcurrant Shrubs are filled with food resources and these will give you a lifetime of supply if you harvest them and not cut them down. Ensuring proper food and resources for your villagers will give them more motivation to give their all.

Redcurrant Shrubs become very important as soon as you construct your brewery and start producing wine. This will become a great source of income as well as keep your villagers happy.

Keep Re-rolling

You should keep re-rolling until you get the best of the best Marksman, Research, Construction, Culinary, or Botany professional. Having a proficiency of 10 in any of the above-mentioned categories will help you immensely in the early stages.

You will need a researcher to get things started, the same way, a good marksman will keep everyone safe and every individual matter. Hence you must get the best possible resources that you can. This little tip and trick just might give you the best possible start in the game.

Good Food Storage Cannot Be Overstated

Making food is a challenge in itself but what to do when you have a surplus, the game does not give you any inventions at least in the Early Access phase to save your food. The next best thing that you can do is dig underground to keep your food cool.

When you dig down below, make sure to just add a few stairs so that you can access it whenever you want, the bigger the place that you create the more food you will be able to save and vice versa. This will save you a ton of time of not having to produce food every time you run out and you can just store them for future use.

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Research On Things Like Furniture, Brewing & Preserved Food

Your villagers are not going to be happy with you unless you give them a quality of life improvements. From things like sleeping on a better bed to being able to save food better all the way to brewing so that you can make all the wine that you want.

Doing this will give you a surplus of resources and finalizing creating a smokehouse during the winter months will just give food to your villagers when natural resources are scarce. These tips and tricks will help you to be ready for future progress in the game.

Store Non Food Items Indoors To Keep Them Safe

While food can go stale, other times too can go bad just by neglecting them. If you just build storage with a roof and a couple of walls you will be able to store things for longer saving them from natural factors like rain and other things.

Making a shed isn’t that difficult and won’t take much longer but having them will certainly give you a lot of benefits, so wherever you find space just make sure to leave some for storage as you will just have more things to keep safe as you keep progressing.

Worship Is Just As Important As Leisure

While your villagers will certainly need a place to worship their deity, they’re also going to be in desperate need of cooling off their steam. So ensure that you have both things on balance, overdoing one will just shape the dynamics of the village.

Your villagers have every right to work hard and enjoy time off, so make sure that you get them things like a Backgammon table.

Beams Will Strengthen Your Roofs

While the game is still in Early Access, you can only construct a roof that exceeds 10 units. This means that you will have to carefully measure how far you can build and then use beams to support your roof. having a pre-defined idea will help you design your buildings better and more aesthetically.

Supporting your roof with proper support means that your buildings will have a proper form and structure. This will only make you a better designer and builder as you progress. Construction tips and tricks will help you to create the best-looking building and bring your fantasy to reality.

Have Plenty Of Breweries and Smokehouses

Food and wine are going to be the most wanted thing by your villagers so it makes sense that you store a surplus amount just in case that you run out, while having the production ramped up to the max. The winter months are the harshest as you will not be able to produce as much as before.

This is where having resources stored beforehand will come in handy, all you need to do is plan accordingly and you will be set for the future in the game.

These are the best tips and tricks that you can follow in Going Medieval, having a great starting point is just as essential as ending it well.

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