Stronghold Warlords Beginner’s Guide: Hints, Tips And Tricks To Move Forward

Here are few tips and tricks to emerge victorious in Stronghold Warlords.

Stronghold: Warlords has finally released and it has received mixed reviews from gaming publications. There are hundreds of players who are calling it a bit tough and complaining that the developer has not explained anything about the gameplay.

If you have already started playing Stronghold: Warlords on your PC but having trouble knowing how to progress in the game then don’t worry, we have come up with a bunch of hints, tips and tricks that will surely make the gameplay a lot easier.

Stronghold: Warlords Beginner Guide

Here are a few hints, tips, and tricks for all new Stronghold: Warlords players:

Go Slow

If you want to move forward in Stronghold Warlords then, I highly recommend taking a slow approach. Yes, if you go fast into battle then you will end up losing everything. Before going to battles, make sure you have enough troops with you because if you go into battle without enough troops, you will be defeated.

There are players who have been complaining that the game is crashing and freezing and if you too are having the same issue then I highly recommend playing Stronghold: Warlords in a lower difficulty mode.

Make Sure to Have Enough Materials

Since building resources in Stronghold: Warlords is too easy, it would be better to keep some materials handy. If you spend all of the resources on some troops, you will have no option but to be defeated when you are attacked surprisingly. Notably, this kind of attack usually happens in Campaign mode, but make sure not to ignore it.

With the saved resources, you can easily build and defense, and protect yourself and your troops from getting decimated by surprise attacks.


There are five campaigns in Stronghold: Warlords. Of five, four of them feature prominent figures from East Asia’s history. They are divided into six missions, tasking you to capture a new territory or defeat an existing kingdom.

Get Free warlords

In order to get access to different Warlords, you will have to take down AI in Stronghold: Warlords. Once you granted access to different Warlords, you will have a lot of new abilities and tools but they would not come for free.

The best way to get all of the abilities and tools is to get archers involved. This might take a bit long time but the rewards you will be getting for this are worth it.

Place Your Building Wisely

Notably, the placement of your building plays a vital role in Stronghold: Warlords. Make sure to put your stockpile near your location. If you put your stockpile away from your building, you and your villagers will have to spend a lot of time moving them from one place to another when needed.

The best thing about this game is it lets you rotate buildings, making it a lot easier to place buildings wherever you want. Make sure to have a complete plan before moving your building around your settlement.

These are some hints, tips, and tricks that Stronghold: Warlords players can use to move forward in the game. If you want to read more Stronghold: Warlords guides then be sure to visit Gamer Tweak from time to time.