Dorfromantik Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Get the highest scoring village in Dorf romantik using this strategy.

Dorfromantik is a beautiful game that will sway you from a peaceful feeling to the utter blissful one. The hexagon tiles are simple yet underlined with complications. You will lose yourself in this game and soon will try to get to the stage where you will rule the point system and keep expanding your village. If you are new to the game or in general need some tips and tricks for Dorfromantik, keep reading this guide.

Dorfromantik Useful Tips and Tricks

The game’s goal is to achieve as many points as possible by placing the tiles and surviving. Players will start off with a default of 40 tiles to start off with. As and when you complete quests, you will keep receiving new tiles as rewards.

How to Match Your Borders for Perfect Tiles?

Default Tiles
You get 10 points for every border that matches another border of the same content on the tile. For example. So if you connect a tile with a field on the right and a tile with a field on the left, you will connect the similar tiles to make one large field and gain 10 points off it. In the best-case scenario, you will place a tile that will match all 6 borders with the tiles around them. This will get you 60 points which are called a ‘perfect’ in Dorfromantik. This is a vital tip for Dorfromantik.

Keep the Rivers and the Railroads Open

Rivers and railroads are long and can get obstructed by building around them pretty quickly. This will decrease the chances of your village’s survival. A tip here for Dorfromantik is that with rivers, make sure that you have both the side of the river open to flow. This is so that even if one side gets obstructed, you will have the other side to build on.

Look for the Flags in Quests

Tiles Placement Dorfromantik tips
You will notice that there will be quests right from the start of Dorfromantik. They will start from the easier ones like getting a number of trees that you need to place together and things like that. As you progress in the game, the quests get harder and harder. If you see a triangle on the quest it means it dropped a flag and that you need to close that quest off. Doing that will reward you with 100 points so keep this tip in mind for Dorfromantik.

Hoe to Create Large Areas with Similar Tiles?

Zones Dorfromantik tips
When you start off with the game, it will be much easier to connect tiles with each other due to the low volume. But as the game progresses, you will want to see that it will get increasingly difficult to find matching tiles. A strategy for Dorfromantik here is to plan out the way in advance. Crate big groups of the same tiles. Divide your map into general sections of forests, houses, farms, and water tiles, and just arrange all the tiles that you get according to these areas. This way you will not hit a roadblock.

So that is for our guide on tips to play Dorfromantik. If you would like to know more about gaming, head on to our site Gamertweak where we cover all kinds of games.