How to Destroy Buildings or Houses in Medieval Dynasty?

In Medieval Dynasty constructing buildings and houses is a common task. But sometimes you need to vacant the place and want to build something new. For this, you have to destroy the buildings.

Medieval Dynasty is about building your dynasty and setting up things to keep it alive for years. A lot of farming, construction, and other activities are required to sustain your colony. But sometime after building a house or a building you want to empty that place. The ground on which you build things is called fields. The emptying field gives you space to do other things. If you do not know how to empty a field in Medieval Dynasty then keep reading this article. I am going to share some pro construction tips that will guide you to build a stronger dynasty.

How to remove or delete fields in Medieval Dynasty?

If you are farming then you have to create fields where you plant seeds. After a year or so you harvest crops and sell them off. They are also useful for animal husbandry. Many users accidentally create multiple farm fields that they are unable to remove. There is a reason for that, the Medieval Dynasty will not allow removing fields if they are fertilized. You will have to wait for an entire year until you harvest crops from them.

You can only remove empty fields. While playing farm fields do not double like. It will place additional fields on the ground. To remove a field build something on the empty field and from the Building Menu choose destroy. Press Q and then choose building from the menu, go to farming, and choose the field. You can click and drag if you wish to move it.

To destroy a building or a house equip a hammer and right-click with the mouse selecting the object or the field. The hammer is a tool for the demolition of things in the Medieval Dynasty and works for fields also. The issue is you cannot just remove it if you are farming on it. Sometimes the fields decay over time. But you will have to bear taxes on the empty fields.

Medieval Dynasty does not has a direct way to remove fields on the go. There will be an update coming in the future which will introduce an option to remove fields with minimum efforts.