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How to Research in Going Medieval?

Research allows you to upgrade your colony in Going Medieval. You can unlock new building type and build a powerful colony.

Research tab in Going Medieval holds powerful upgrades. In the beginning, it can be confusing to understand how Research works in Going Medieval. Do not worry, in this guide I will help you with everything on Going Medieval Research mechanics.

How to Research and Unlock new types of Buildings?


Research in Going Medieval unlocks new knowledge in the colony. This further gives you access to a new type of gameplay, combat systems, building upgrades, and more. To Research in Going Medieval, you will have to write books. In simple words, Books are the currency to unlock further levels of Research in the game. There are around 37 Research options in Going Medieval. There is a lot of combat knowledge hidden init.

Going Medieval Research Tree

To Research write books, which is done in three ways. Writing Chronicles, Textbook, and Thesis. Every Research requires a certain amount of writings. For example, to unlock Agriculture Research, you will need 15 Chronicles.


  1. Architecture – Cost 15 Chronicle
  2. Agriculture – Cost 15 Chronicle
  3. Clay Brick Making – Cost 20 Chronicle
  4. Stone Block Cutting – Cost 20 Chronicle
  5. Smelting – Cost 30 Chronicle
  6. Wooden Weaponry – Cost 20 Chronicle
  7. Wooden Weaponry II –  Cost 30 Chronicle + 20 Textbooks
  8. Tailoring – Cost 20 Chronicle
  9. Preserving Food – Cost 20 Chronicle
  10. Brewing – Cost 15 Chronicle
  11. Furniture – Cost 15 Chronicle
  12. Defensive Structures – Cost 30 Chronicle
  13. Armorer – Cost 30 Chronicle
  14. Cooking – Cost 30 Chronicle
  15. Decorative Banners – Cost 15 Chronicle

How to Build a Research Table?

You will have to gather resources to build a Research Table. Just select it and you will see the blueprint of the same. You will need approx 60 woods to start with the basic table. As you progress and start collecting resources you can upgrade the Research Table to unlock more new upgrades for your colony. Here is a list of things you can do in Going Medieval Research.


What does Research do in Going Medieval?

  1. Unlock new building options and production types in the research panel.
  2. Various forms of knowledge in the form of books are available to unlock research items.
  3. Unlocked research items will not consume the books.
  4. Take care of your books, having them destroyed or stolen will disable unlocking new research items until the previously allocated amount is reached.
  5. Books (Chronicle, Textbook, Thesis) are produced at research tables (Basic Research Table, Research Table, and Advanced Research Table).

With Research you can make your colony stronger in Going Medieval. In a similar way, we have more tips to help you with the game. Like Underground Base, Increase Settlers Population, Tips and tricks, etc.