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How To Install Mods In Minecraft Java Edition & Play (2023)

How to use Mod installer?

We have got a complete guide on installing Mods in Minecraft. The methods in this article will help you to install on mods on Minecraft Java Edition, how to use a mod installer, and alternative method to forge to install Minecraft Mods. Here you can find all answers about Minecraft Mods. To make things easier the guide is divided into different sections, you can jump to the topic of your choice.

What are the Requirements to Install Minecraft Mods and Add-ons?

Minecraft Mods are amazing and you will love playing the game using them. So here is the list of basic requirements to install Minecraft Mod on Windows PC. You can install mods on laptop or desktop the process is the same.

  1. Scan the downloaded mod files with an antivirus.
  2. Check for enough storage space to install the Mod files.
  3. Download and install Minecraft Java Edition. Bedrock updated Minecraft edition is required for full mod support.
  4. Always backup any files or folder before replacing them. In case of errors and crashes just restore the previous files.

How to install Minecraft Java Edition?

If you do not have Minecraft Java edition the continue reading this part of you can jump to the Mod Installer section below.

Minecraft is installed on your Windows PC, along with the latest version of Java. Remember Minecraft is a paid game, to get the most out of this game you will have to buy the full edition.

How to add Mods on Minecraft?

To install mods you will need Forge Mod Installer. A kind of mod management tool that will help you to install Mods in Minecraft.

  • Download Forge Mod Installer by clicking the link. Make sure you download the latest version.
  • Run the JAR file that will open a new window. Click on Install Client and then click on Ok.

That’s using these simple two-step process you can download and Mod manager for Minecraft. Now its time to run Mods and see how they work.

How to activate mods in Minecraft?

Running or installing mods in Minecraft is simple, you will need to visit sites that offer free mods for the game. Download them and unpacking the files to the Mod folders will activate Mods in Minecraft. For more details on how to download Mods for Minecraft, try the link. This dedicated article focus on providing info on the best possible resources to download mods for the game.

Download any Mod of your choice, the best, to begin with, is Chisel. Highly useful item, instead of finding it in the game you can unlock it using Chisel Mod from Curseforge. Chisel will add various decorative blocks in the game, so if you are a fan of construction then try this.

  1. After download the mod files, it will be a .jar file.
  2. Press Windows key + R. Type %appdata%\.minecraft\ in the run box and click on Ok.
  3. It will take you to the Minecraft installation in Windows 10.
  4. Create a new folder mods and move the .jar file into this folder. These will be the mods you will be downloading for Minecraft.
  5. Launch Minecrafts and click on Mods button.

That’s it you can now install Mods in Minecraft during the launch. You will have to ensure whatever you are download whether the game or the mod manager everyone must be the latest. Or there can be errors. It is extremely simple to install different mods in Minecraft using the Forge Mod manager tool. Everything will be displayed on launch allowing you to enable the mods.

How to disable mods without removing Mod Manager?

Sometimes you will want to disable a mod without removing the mod manager. This is possible using the Forge Mod manager tool. The tool act as a central location to manage all the mods. Once mods are moved to the default Mods folder in your Minecraft installation folder you can turn it off without removing it.

Go to the installation directory and open the Mods folder. Just type .disable at the end of the mod file name. For example, chisel.jar, rename this file to chisel.jar.disable. To turn it back on remove the .disable from the last and it will become activated again. With this simple trick, you can install as many mods you want and disable which are not required.

How to play in Minecraft Multiplayer using Mods?

You cannot, Minecraft multiplayer does not allow the usage of mods. But you can create a Custom Server and allow mods in it. You cannot use mods in other players’ games, it is completely restricted. You can keep the mods active in your custom servers and open it for the remove players.

Is there an alternative to Forge Mod Manager?

You can directly install Mods using Twitch. You will need an active account for this. Install Twitch on your system and click on the Mods section. The launcher will detect the game and will let you run mods in Minecraft.

In the Twitch Mods tab just select the game. You will see various tabs like Browse Modpacks, Brose FTB Modpacks, etc. These sections will allow you to directly pick a mod and run that on the game. So here you can do a lot more and try out mods tested by others. If you do not trust the custom mod files then Twitch alternative to install Mods on Minecraft is the best option.