Minecraft Wind Burst Enchantment: How To Get And Use It

Find out everything about the elusive Wind Burst Enchantment Book in Minecraft here.

Wind Burst Enchantment in Minecraft is needed to augment your Mace with some special knockback effect. You would rather want to invest your time and energy in this Enchantment as you can punish your enemies brutally with it. With the Wind Burst Enchantment, you can execute a smash attack and knockback your opponent upwards, making them lose chunks of health.

Minecraft does not allow you to acquire items like Wind Burst Enchantment easily. Like Aqua Affinity and Respiration Enchantment, you will have to do certain tasks to get this one. In this guide, we have explained it so you can check out and learn how to get Wind Burst.

How to Get the Wind Burst Enchantment in Minecraft

Wind Burst Enchantment in Minecraft

In this game, Wind Burst Enchantments are found in Ominous Vaults within a Trial Chamber. It appears in a book form and you need to put a lot of effort to get it. Getting access to the Ominous Vaults requires beating the Ominous Trial wherein, you will have to defeat dozens of mobs. Anyway, to find a Trial Chamber, Ominous Vault, and eventually, Wind Burst Enchantment in Minecraft, here’s what you need to do:

  • Find an Ominous Bottle by defeating Pillager Captain holding an Ominous Banner over its head. Keep in mind that you need to find a Pillager outside of a Raid.
  • Your next step should be finding a Trial Chamber and consuming the Ominous Bottle to gain a Bad Omen effect.
  • After receiving the Bad Omen effect, locate a Trial Spawner and wait until they transform into an Ominous Trial Spawner.
  • Now, defeat every mob that spawns before you and collect the Ominous Trial Key from the Ominous Trial Spawner. Note that there’s only a 30% chance that the spawner will drop the key, so you will have to beat the trial several times before finding the key.
  • Use the Ominous Trial Key to unlock the Ominous Trial Vault and possibly obtain a Wind Burst Enchantment book from it.

How to Use Wind Burst Enchantment Book in Minecraft

using Wind Burst Enchantment in Minecraft

Now that you have a Wind Burst Enchantment Book, you can use it to enhance your Mace with special effects. To do this, interact with an Anvil and put a Mace and Wind Burst Enchantment Book in the two empty slots. You will then get an advanced version of your Mace in the resulting slot.

With the Mace in your hand, you can trigger a special knockback that can send both you and your enemy in the air. Also, you should know that the Wind Burst has three levels and based on this, you will see a change in the power. Meaning, a Wind Burst (level 3) will elevate higher and deal more damage to the opponent.

That’s all there is to learn about the Wind Burst Enchantment in Minecraft. For more content like this, feel free to check out our dedicated section for Minecraft Guides on Gamer Tweak.