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How To Get Oluso Location In Far Cry 6 – Unlock All Oluso Abilities

Looking for stronger Amigos to back you up on missions in FC6? Then this guide should help you get Oluso.

Far Cry 6 brings back the companion feature with a twist. Just like the previous games, you can take companions with you to help with missions. But unlike the previous games you can’t take humans with you but only animals. And these animal friends are known as Amigos. You can take down enemies with the help of your Amigos as per your playstyle. Some animals support stealth attacks while some attack wildly. So in this guide let us take a look at how to get Oluso in Far Cry 6, Unlock all her abilities, and how her skills work.

How to Unlock Oluso in Far Cry 6 – Oluso Location


far cry 6 how to get oluso and unlock its abilities

To get Oluso you need to complete the Triada Blessings sidequest. Here are the steps to complete the Triada Blessings sidequest and getting Oluso.


  1. You need to collect three Relic dolls from Madrugada, Valle De Oro, and El Este.
    • Madrugada: Explore the Madrugada region to unlock the Ida’s Triada Relic marker. Follow the torches to guide you to the cave. Once inside the cave explore it and find the doll relic. Besides the relic, you can also find the treasure chest and a note. Read the note and collect Ida’s Sigil from the chest. This item will grant you night vision by highlighting animals, allies, and enemies at night.
    • El Este: Traverse the region to get the Mimo Absoi’s Triada Relic marker. Solve the puzzles in this cave and keep following the torchlights, and you can find the 2nd Relic. Again besides the Relic, you will find a treasure chest. Open it to get the Mimo Absoi’s Mirage. This item gives you stealth by canceling walking and running sounds.
    • Valle De Oro: Explore this area to get the Oku’s Triada Relic marker. Follow the arrows in this area to get to the final relic. Before leaving the area look for another treasure chest. Unlike the previous two chests, this is a bit far from the relic. This chest gives you Oku’s Deliverance. This item improves your weapon damage to any enemies below you.
  2. Once you have collected all three of these relics go to the Oluwa cave. Oluwa’s Cave can be found in the Quito region.
  3. In the cave follow the candles and reach the area where you can interact and place the dolls. This will unlock a path to a chest that has Triado Supremo and LA Varita Gun.
  4. Here you will get attacked by the forms of Oluso. Defeat them and find Oluso laying on the ground. Revive her and you’ll get Oluso.

You cannot leave this area until you defeat Oluso’s forms and revive her. If you try to leave the area you will spawn back near the treasure chest until you complete this quest.

How to Unlock Oluso Abilities


  • Mimo Abosi’s Luck: Make Oluso kill 12 enemies in any Restricted Area.
  • Rage of Ida: Make Oluso kill 24 enemies by using takedown.
  • Mist of Oku: Make Oluso inflict fear on 50 enemies.

How do Oluso Abilities work

  • Mimo Abosi’s Luck: Increases the stealth takedown chance of Oluso.
  • Rage of Ida: Nearby enemies will flee after witnessing a successful takedown by Oluso.
  • Mist of Oku: When Oluso is below 50% Health it surrounds itself in smoke. Inside this mist, Oluso regenerates faster, is hard to spot, and is immune from damage.
    These three perks will come in handy when fighting a large group of enemies.


If you still have trouble locating these Relics or need a little extra help you could check out our video. This video shows how to get the Relics, Defeat Oluso’s forms, and reviving her. And also showcases the gear you unlock while collecting the relics.

That cover’s this guide on how to Unlock Oluso and his skills in Far Cry 6. If you like playing this game be sure to check out more of our guides like all Amigos List and Abilities, how to get Guapo amigo, and all Yaran Stories locations in Far Cry 6.

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