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Far Cry 6 All Amigos List & Abilities, Perks Of Companions

Here's the list of all Far Cry 6 amigos or animal companions along with their abilities, perks and unlock conditions for each of these pets.

Far Cry 6 has multiple amigos (animal companions) that you can unlock to get some much-needed help during combat. One is good at distracting enemies while the other runs into the fight with aggression. One is a good tracker, while the other is a fast attacker. So, here’s the list of all amigos in Far Cry 6 and also the abilities and perks of these pets.

Far Cry 6 All Amigos List

These are all the Amigos in FC6 that are revealed:

  • Guapo – Crocodile (unlocked via a Yaran Story)
  • Chorizo – Dog (unlocked via a Yaran Story)
  • Chicharrón – Rooster (unlocked via a Yaran Story)
  • Boom Boom – Dog (unlocked via a Yaran Story)
  • Oluso – Panther (unlocked via an Operation)
  • K-9000 – Robot Dog (unlocked by buying Season Pass for Far Cry 6)
  • Champagne – Panther (Available with the Far Cry 6 VICE Pack DLC)

Far Cry 6 Amigos Abilties and Perks List


guapo fc6

  • Body Regulation – Guapo will automatically regenerated his health while in combat. You have to let Guapo revive himself 5 times to unlock this ability.
  • Cornered Beast – With this ability, Guapo becomes more resistant to damage when his health is under 50%. You have to let Guapo regenerate 3000 health in combat to unlock it.
  • Reptile Metabolism – When you have Guapo eliminate 50 targets, you can unlock this amigo ability. With it, Guapo’s auto-revive will restore 90% of his health.


chorizo fc6

  • Bloodhound – Chorizo’s sense of smell can help you find nearby crafting materials.You have to make Chorizo distract 10 enemies.
  • Yes, You Can – Scratch him behind his floppy ears and get his love and some health regeneration in return. You have to make him tag 36 loot containers.
  • Keen Senses – With this ability, Chorizo will dig out some resources occasionally.You need to use Chorizo’s healing ability 50 times.


chicharron fc6

  • Roid rage – With this ability, he will attack faster and deal 2x damage when his health is under 70%. This will be unlocked when he killed 12 enemies.
  • Angrier bird – Chicharron will hurl his weight through the air which will knock down enemies to the ground. This will be unlocked when he kills 24 enemies with Roid Rage.
  • Chicken Feet – With this amigo ability, Chicharron will dodge enemy attacks better during Roid Rage. He gets heightened senses with this one. This will be unlocked when he kills 50 enemies with Angrier bird.

Boom Boom

boom boom fc6

  • Pointer: With this ability, Boom Boom will mark enemies for you to be prepared beforehand. This will be unlocked when Boom Boom collects resources from 10 bodies.
  • Expert Tracker: With this, Boom Boom will help you tag enemies from a distance. This will be unlocked when Boom Boom tags 24 animals.
  • Thick Coat: And with this ability, Boom Boom will take on more damage. This unlocks when Boom Boom tags 50 enemies.


oluso panther fc6

  • Mimo Abosi’s Luck: When Oluso kills 12 enemies in a restricted area, he will unlock this ability with which he can take down enemies much better.
  • Rage of Ida: When Oluso kills 24 enemies, his takdowns will make nearby enemies run off.
  • Mist of Oku: When Oluso makes 50 enemies fear him, he will get surrounded by smoke when he goes under 50% health. This will make him damage resistant and tough to target.


k-9000 the robot dog fc6

  • Enhance: When K-9000 has been dealt 100 damage from foes, he will unlock this ability which lets him tag turrets, cameras, alarms as well as tripwires.
  • Enhance!!!: With this ability, K-9000 can deal more damage to enemies that are tagged. This will be unlocked as soon as he tags 24 security systems.
  • Termination Protocol: When K-9000 destroys 50 tagged enemies, he will get this ability which will create a blast taking down nearby enemies.


champagne fc6

  • Greed is Good – When Champagne kills 12 enemies, the ability to get more takedowns is enabled when you have more money.
  • Predatory Instinct – After Champagne kills 24 enemies, the ability to loot enemies is unlocked.
  • Sonic Snarl – As the name suggests, Champagne can let out a roar that will kill enemies when she takes some damage and you need to loot 1000 Yaran Pesos for this one to unlock.

So, these are all the Far Cry 6 Amigos and all their abilities and perks. Make sure to unlock them all for a better and more fun experience. That’s all for this one, but if you are looking for more Far Cry 6 guides, we’ve got you covered.