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How to Unlock La Varita (Shoot Through Walls) Gun in Far Cry 6?

La Varita in combination with Triador Supremo can summon dark powers on the battlefield.

Far Cry 6 has many surprises, Triada Blessings Treasure Hunt is one of them. If you are looking for something exotic and ready to grind a bit then this guide is for you. I am going to help you with finding La-Varita Resolver Gun. A full damage weapon that can shoot down any enemy in one bullet. You can use this ability only if you have Triado Supremo unlocked. I am going to help you with everything here. Keep reading.

How to Unlock LA-Varita Resolver Gun?

LA Varita FC6 Gun


To unlock La-Varita you will have to collect three relics dolls. They are scattered in three regions. I have made a separate guide on Triada Relic Treasure Hunt which will help you with finding all three dolls. Grab them and follow the steps below to unlock LA-Varita. Also do not forget to watch the video above that shows the gun gameplay, mods, and skins.

  1. Collect all three Relic Dolls, refer to this guide for Map Locations.
  2. Go to Oluwa’s Cave, which is near Clara’s Camp on the first island.
  3. Submit all three Dolls and you will unlock a hidden entrance.
  4. Grab the La-Varita Gun and Triador Supremo from the Chest.

There is more, you cannot leave this cave until you fight Oluso. The mysterious Amigo comes with superpowers. This black panther can inflict fear on enemies, and when attacked they will burn into flames. Pretty interesting amigo to unlock in Far Cry 6. We have a guide on How to Unlock Oluso in Far Cry 6. Refer to the link if you want to check out in detail all the steps to unlock the black panther in FC6.

La Varita Stats:

LA Varita FC6 Gun Stats

LA Varita is a 4 Star Resolver weapon that comes with full damage. 350 RPM and 9 Magazine Rounds. It has Triada Mode that works with Triador Supremo. Watch the video above to know how it really works. It is a kind of one-shot-kill gun. Also when you are in Triada mode you can shoot through walls. The effect remains active for some seconds but it is worth enough to try.

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