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How to Unlock Idas Sigil (Night Vision) Mask/HeadGear in Far Cry 6?

Night Vision can be highly useful to get enemies' locations in advance in FC6. Here is an amazing gear that can do this.

In Far Cry 6, you will be exploring Yara, a world ruled by a dictator. As a rebel, you will be fighting his soldiers who are patrolling all the islands. What if you can see them in advance. You can see them through walls, plantations, without using a mobile camera. The same goes for animals if you are hunting. Ida’s Sigil is a headgear that comes with the power to see at the night. When equipped it will reveal fishes, animals, birds, people, etc around you. You can be on alert and watch your steps before crashing into a problem. Here is how to unlock a headgear with night vision in Far Cry 6.

How to get Ida’s Sigil (Night Vision)HeadGear?


Ida's Sigil FC6

Ida’s Sigil is part of the Triada Blessing Treasure Hunt where you will need to find three relic dolls. When you are on the first treasure hunt which is displayed as a purple diamond on the map you will find two things. A relic doll and second Ida’s Sigil Head Gear. Here is how to find this Nightvision headgear in FC6.

Ida's Sigil FC6 Map Location


  1. Ida’s Sigil is in the Madrugada region is on the North-East of Monteiro Farms.
  2. Follow the purple diamond location as shown on the map above.
  3. At the entrance read the relic letter at entrance, you will have to follow up the caves to reach the final spot. To make things simpler check the below video.
  4. The simplest way to reach the chest is to follow the candles in the cave.
  5. The relic doll is next to the chest which has Ida’s Sigil headgear.

The above video will give you a glimpse of Ida’s Sigil head gears power and how to get it. Caves can be confusing, but keep an eye on the arrow signs and candles. It will help you to reach the end. Here you will grab 1 relic doll, and you will need two more to complete Triada Relic Treasure.


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