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How To Marry Someone In Stardew Valley

Want to get hitched? Look no further as we guide you through the process of how to get married in Stardew Valley.

Every successful marriage requires some groundwork. Stardew Valley does its best to recapture the effort that goes behind making a relationship work. Just like reality, relationships in this game start off with developing a friendship. You then move on to the dating phase and can measure your success at relationships if your relationship culminates in marriage. As with real life this process too requires considerable effort, money and patience. Let’s divide this process into two distinct categories depending on the mode you choose to play the game in. Here’s how to get Married in Stardew Valley.

How to Get Married in Stardew Valley


Find out how to get married in Multiplayer as well as Single Player.


Getting married to another player of your choice is actually easier in multiplayer. That is, if and only if your proposal gets accepted. In co-op, the process is much more straightforward. All you need to get married in Stardew Valley multiplayer mode is a wedding ring. However, crafting a wedding ring is anything but straightforward. Wedding rings are indigenous to the multiplayer mode. The recipe for crafting one can be obtained for 500 gold from the Traveling Craft which appears every Friday and Sunday.


Now that you have the recipe you have to obtain Five Iridium Bars and One Prismatic Shard to craft the ring, all that remains is going and proposing to the player of your choice! Notwithstanding the chance of rejection, the wedding ceremony takes place 3 days after the marriage.

how to marry in stardew valley

How to Marry in Stardew Valley Single Player


Since there aren’t any extramarital affairs in Stardew Valley you have to check whether the character of your choice is actually single. This can be checked by looking at the social tab. You begin to bond with them by offering them gifts and items they prefer.

When your friendship level reaches 10 hearts you will receive two letters. One letter contains a letter from your partner which gives you details about your date with them where you have to profess your interest. The second letter gives you information about the Mermaid’s Pendant which you require for the proposal. You can’t turn up without a ring, can you?

You will require 5000 gold to get the Mermaid’s Pendant. In a sketchy turn of events, you will have to head to the beach to find a man known as the Old Mariner. After you speak to him he will sell you the Pendant for the aforementioned price. You can then give the ring to your girlfriend or boyfriend! After this the wedding ceremony will take place in the Town Square after three days.


That’s all about how to get married in Stardew Valley quick. While you’re looking for a partner don’t forget how to feed your chickens or how to make some wine. There’s more in our Stardew Valley guides so check them out as well.