How To Make Beer In Stardew Valley

Craft Beer using these methods and ingredients in Stardew Valley to earn easy cash.

Beer of Stardew Valley is one of the four drinkable Artisan Goods. Apart from Beer, there is Wine, Pale Ale, and Mead. These drinks are sold for a good price and consuming Beer gives energy & health boost with tipsy side effects. If you are planning to create some Beer for consumption or selling, then this Stardew Valley guide is all you need.

How to Get Beer in Stardew Valley

Create Beer In Stardew Valley

There are two ways to get Beer in the game. First, you can create them using Keg and Wheat. Second, you can buy it from a saloon in exchange for coins. Here we will be focusing on making it. Beer requires only one ingredient: Wheat and Artisan Equipment Keg to mature.

Wheat can be grown using Wheat Seeds and takes a few days to yield. There are many ways to get Wheat Seeds in Stardew Valley and create Beer, such as Magic Shop Boat, Pierre’s General Store, and Seed Maker. Artisan Equipment Keg is a reward of Artisan Bundle and Brewer’s Bundle. Apart from Beer, there are several drinkables you can create using the Keg, like Green Tea, Juice, and Coffee.

  • Once you have collected both materials, make a space for the Keg.
  • Place Keg there and add Wheat to it.
  • Wait for 1 to 2 days for Stardew Valley Beer to complete and then collect it for consumption and selling.

How to Increase the Quality of Beer

You can use another Artisan Equipment Cask to age Beer, Mead, Wine, Pale Ale, and more. The process of aging takes some time but increases the quality of the product and also its market value. The quality goes through three stages; Silver, Gold, and Iridium. At the Iridium stage, the price of the Beer doubles letting you earn more with less investment.

If you are done selling the Beer in Stardew Valley, you should look at other money-making guides like how to make Gold and free item codes.