How To Milk Cow In Stardew Valley (Milking Guide)

Use this milking guide to get cow milk in Stardew Valley and try tasty recipes.

Cook Banana Pudding, Omelet, and Chowder, or turn Stardew Valley cow milk into Cheese. Players can use this product for various purposes, from crafting to selling. If you have decided to prepare a creamy dessert or are planning to keep yourself warm on cold nights, then this item is what you need most. So go through this guide and learn how to milk cows.

Milking Cow in Stardew Valley

Get Cow Milk In Stardew Valley

Players can milk cows with a Milk Pail in Stardew Valley. You can purchase Milk Pail from Marnie for the price of 1000g. And Marnie can be found in the south of the farm in Marnie’s Ranch, situated in Cindersap Forest.

  • Go to the Marine’s Ranch.
  • Select Purchase Animals from the options.
  • Take your arrow towards Dairy Cow and select it. Dairy cows give milk and costs 1500g.
  • Now name your cow and choose the barn you want to put a cow in.
  • Cows eat Hay, so farm them from your land or purchase it from a Marine. They have to be fed so that they can produce milk in Stardew Valley.
  • If you don’t want to spend your money on Hay, you can also send them for grazing. Just open the barn door and let her feed.
  • Once she is full, you just need to wait for a few days for her to get pregnant. You don’t need to do anything apart from what we have explained to get her pregnant, as it happens by itself.
  • Now wait for the time when the cow is ready to produce milk in Stardew Valley.
  • After she starts producing milk, go back to the Marine’s Ranch and purchase Milk Pail for the cost of 1000g from the Supplies Shop section.
  • Go to the Ranch and grab the Milk Pail you purchased previously. Get close to her to interact and use the pail for collecting milk.

You can now use this Stardew Valley cow milk to create a tasty dish or sell it for extra cash. If you have decided to spend it on coins, then try out these best Emily gifts and Lewis gift guide to increase your friendship and get points.

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