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How To Get Christmas Skins In Among Us

Want Christmas skins in Among Us? Here are some costumes & outfit combo ideas to use with Christmas Hats. Unlock these cosmetics early with this trick!

Among Us has a plethora of different costumes and you can make a variety of skin combos with it. To make the festive season extra exciting and fun, you can make your spaceman wear exclusive Christmas outfits. If you are wondering how to get Christmas Skins in Among Us, here’s a guide just for that. Use this trick to get holiday costumes early.

Among Us: How to Unlock Christmas Skins?

You can get your character to wear Christmas Skins in Among Us including a Santa Claus outfit as well as put on a Christmas Tree, Xmas Present and a Snowman as headgear. You can also be a Reindeer if you want! Use these skin and color combos to get your desired Christmassy effect.

Santa Claus Christmas Skin in Among Us


How to get Reindeer Outfit


How to get Snowman Hat in Among Us


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Be a Christmas Tree


Santa’s Elf


Be a Christmas Gift


You can get all of these Christmas skins (or skin combos) for free because it’s just a combination of hats and colors. So, you don’t have to spend anything if you follow the trick to get these free hats mentioned below.

How to Get Christmas Skins in Among Us early?

In order to get these Christmas-special skins early, that is before December 25th, you mainly need to unlock the festive hats – the colors are free anyway. We’ve got a guide on how to get Christmas Hats early so follow the simple process mentioned there. Basically, all you have to do is input a manual date (which is near Christmas) on your PC. Turn off the automatic date and time to “fool” the game to think it is close to Christmas time. That’s how you can get access to these special hats beforehand.

Now, if you want to get more Skin Combos and Outfit ideas which aren’t Christmas themed but still pretty cool to equip for your character, check out our linked guide. Also, are you curious to know what your Among Us color says about you? Find out right here! You never know what you might learn about your own playstyle.