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How To Fire Missiles In Star Wars Squadrons

Lock down your target and fire missiles on them.

Star Wars Squadrons is a space-based combat game that is set in the world of Star Wars. Developed by Motive Studios and Published by Electronic Arts, Star Wars is a fun to experience game. While playing the game, gamers will have to take down several enemy spaceships to win the game. Hence, it is necessary to learn how to fire missiles in Star Wars Squadrons. Without the basics of attacking in the game, there is not even a minute chance for you to progress seamlessly. But, that’s nothing to worry about as we have got you covered. In this Star Wars Squadrons attacking guide, we will discuss how to fire missiles.


Star Wars Squadrons: How to Fire Missiles

Before getting into firing missiles, there is one important thing that you should be knowing about using attacks in Star Wars Squadrons. It is great to focus all your power on the firing lasers if you want to constantly attack an enemy ship.

Shifting focus to lasers will increase their charging speed. This will further increase the damage your missiles deal with the enemy ships. So here’s the thing when in need, shift the power focus to lasers. To do this, all you need to do is press up on the D-pad.

Once you have the lasers charged up, you can fire missiles in Star Wars Squadrons. The firing buttons are the basic ones that are default in almost every game. To fire missiles on PS4 press the R2 button, on Xbox One hit RT, and on PC the Left Mouse Button.

When fighting multiple enemies in the game, you can target each one individually. To target a single enemy use X/A. Once the targeted ship is destroyed, press X/A again to switch your aim and the next enemy ship will be targeted. One thing to note here is that you can fire missiles only on nearby spaceships. If the ship is beyond 1000 meters, your missile won’t hit the target.

That’s how you fire missiles in Star Wars Squadrons. So wait until the aiming reticle turns red and then fire missile using the above buttons and you will hit your target. Learning how to fire missiles is the direct way of progressing in the game. However, there is another indirect way that you need to learn, and that is gathering Glory. Glory is the in-game currency and collecting them is as important as fighting enemies. But all that will be required if you are able to fix the common bugs in the game. Read our guides on how to fix the HOTAS deadzone issue and the fleet battle tutorial glitch.