Genshin Impact Maple Wood Location Guide – Where to Find Amur Maple Tree

Amur Maple Tree Location Guide

Inazuma brought many new features to Genshin Impact. The new region features huge green plains, mountains, etc. This new region unlocks tree chopping where you can grab some woods. Woods are using in the Housing system of Genshin Impact. If you are in a mood to avoid combat then exploring the Furnishing section is relaxing. This is unlocked after completing A Teapot To Call Home Quest. Here you will need to find different types of woods to craft furniture. It in turn will feed you with XP and level up on the chain of Trust Rank.

Where to find Maple Wood in Genshin Impact?

Maple Wood is found in Inazuma, to get the piece of wood finds Amur Maple trees. They are located on Narukami Island. Explore the region to find Amur Maple trees and chop them out to grab Maple Wood from it. It is easy to locate Maple Amur, they have red leaves. Their unique appearance makes them easy to find, similar to Yumemiru Wood, which has pink blossom.

  1. Aralia Wood
  2. Otogi Wood
  3. Pine Wood
  4. All types of Wood

The above links will help you to farm more different types of Woods in Genshin Impact. Farming woods will let you craft new items in the Furnishing section of Genshin Impact. You will unlock this part after completing A Teapot To Call Home Quest where at the end a Teapot will teleport to a new location.

There are no combats here, only a Housing system. The progression relies on the Trust Rank, and crafting furniture will reward you EXP. As you level up on the Trust Rank scale you will be able to unlock more new items in Genshin Impact.

How to cut trees in Genshin Impact?

You can cut down trees with melee attacks. Do not waste your Elemental attacks on them, it will be wasted. You can use a sword or polearms to chop down the woods. Whatever wood drops will be added to your inventory. No need to walk over them and interact. Trees come with a different look which will help you to identify the type of wood they will drop.

Genshin Impact Wood Farming

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Trees spawn in different regions, exploration is the best way to find them. Do not forget to play the quest which is the best way to find the type of tree you are looking for. You can visit the link above to check out the location of the tree in a different region. There is a full-size interactive map that marks the region where you can find all types of woods.

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