How To Get Pine Wood In Genshin Impact

Here's where to find Pine Wood in Genshin Impact and farm it easily.

Pine Wood is a new material that has been added in Genshin Impact 1.5 update. It serves as a Furniture material that will come in handy to create furnishing items and buildings in the Serenitea Pot housing. Mihoyo never disappoints and this is yet another exciting addition that is keeping the game super fresh for players. Now, there are actually many types of wood added in this update but if you want to know where to find Pine Wood location on the map in Genshin Impact specifically then this guide will tell you exactly what to do.

Where to Find Pine Wood Location in Genshin Impact

where to find pine wood

As the name suggests, you can get Pine Wood from Pine Trees. They can be found mostly in the cold Dragonspine region. Head to these Pine Wood Locations on the map:

  • North of Entombed City – Ancient Palace
  • South of Snow-Covered Path
  • East of Entombed City – Outskirts
  • West of Starglow Cavern
  • South of Wyrmrest Valley
  • It’s also located in the south of Wuwang Hill

Genshin Impact Pine Wood Locations on Map How to get Pine Wood in Genshin Impact

When you reach these locations, you have to look for Pine trees which are tall and have thin trunks. They can be snowcapped since they are present in the frozen region. All you have to do to get Pine Wood is attack the trunks of the trees and that’s it. You can find many such trees and keep hitting them to farm more Pine Wood fast. Also, if you are curious to know if you can re-harvest this material from the same trees, the answer is yes. You can go back to those trees after some hours of first getting this item from them. So, that’s a lot of materials you can get in a day.

That’s everything on the Pine Wood Locations. There’s lots more that is new in the 1.5 update like how to earn Realm currency, increase Trust Rank, defeat Cryo Hypostasis, complete new secret achievements, get Dream Solvent and unlock Realms.