How To Get Realm Currency In Genshin Impact (Explained)

What is Realm Currency and how to earn it fast?

The Aesthetic and the world of Genshin Impact is one of its strongest points. The developers know this which is why in the recent 1.5 updates they have released the Housing feature as well. To build a house you need to unlock a Realm for which you will need Realm currency. Realm currency is needed for almost everything from unlocking the realm, to building your house. Let’s see how to get realm currency in Genshin Impact.

How to get Realm Currency in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Realm Currency
To Earn Realm Currency you will have to Increase your “Trust Rank” by making some Furnishings for Tubby. With a higher Trust Rank, you can unlock more Realms and extra capacity for storing the Realm Currency. The Realm Currency is stored in the Jar of Riches. Realm currency can also be used to buy more blueprints of furnishings which will, in turn, help you increase your Trust Rank. Players automatically collect Realm currency at the base rate of 4 per hour. Although this might seem very less there are ways to increase it.

The key to increase your accumulation rate is Adeptal Energy. You can see the Adeptal Energy under your trust rank menu represented by a small Tubby sign. To increase Adeptal Energy you will need to place more buildings in your realm. After talking to Tubby, click on the hand sign at the top left of your screen. This will enable you to change the layout and add more furnishings. More furnishings will increase your Adeptal energy which in turn will help you collect more Realm currency faster. Given below is a table of different Adeptal energy and how it will affect your Accumulation rate.

Level Adeptal Energy Required Realm Currency Collection rate
Bare Bones 0 4/hr
Humble Abode 2000 8/hr
Cozy 3000 12/hr
Queen Size 4500 16/hr
Elegant 6000 20/hr
Exquisite 8000 22/hr
Extraordinary 10000 24/hr
Stately 12000 26/hr
Luxury 15000 28/hr
Fit for a King 20000 30/hr

Realm Currency becomes the core of the housing update so make sure you bag as much as you can. That’s all for this guide, do check out the linked article to know how you can enter and leave Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact.