How to find Otogi Wood in Genshin Impact?

Otogi Wood is found in Otogi trees in one of the islands in Genhin.

Genshin Impact has certain objectives allowing it to create a beautiful place to stay. One of them is crafting furniture, and as usual, you will need woods for it. There are more than seven types of woods in Genshin Impact. Otogi Wood is one of them, this article contains information on where to find Otogi trees in Genshin Impact. Cutting them will drop Otogi Woods what will be useful for crafting.

Where to find Otogi Wood?

Where to find Otogi Wood?

Go to Yashiori Islands and there you will find Otogi Trees. It is an island of Inazuma, which has sub-areas like Musoujin Gorge and Serpent’s Head. Genshin Impact Update 2.0 has unlocked the Inazuma nation for players. To enter Inazuma players will have to be at Adventure Rank 30 or above. Also, the region will be unlocked after completing Chapter 2: Act 1 of Archon Quest (The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia).

Here are little more details on the types of woods you can find in Genshin Impact. As far as we had there are around 6 to 7 types of woods in the game. Each of these woods will be part of crafting items.

  1. Qingce Bamboo – Bishui Plain.
  2. Birches – Windwail Highland.
  3. Cuihua Trees – Starfell Valley & Bishui Plain.
  4. Cedars – Common areas around Starfell Valley.
  5. Pines – Dragonspine Region.
  6. Sandbearer Trees – Common areas around Minlin & Lisha.
  7. Faber’s Fir – Galesong Hill & Starfell Valley.

If you are exploring the above region do not forget to grab the woods on your way. The Create Furnishing Menu allows access to various decorative items that require Woods as one of the primary components. You can craft Buildings, Attic, Booth, Chairs, Stand, and much more.

Wood is not the only ingredient, there can be one or two more items required for crafting purposes. Some items like certain buildings or attics can be crafted by two different types of woods. Used specifically in the furnishing part, wood can be used for crafting various furniture and items in the game. All you have to do is spend enough to find the right tree and break them down to grab the trees.

So this is how you can find Otogi Woods in Genshin Impact. Do not forget to check our guide location of Aralia Wood & Yumemiru Wood also.