Tips To Find Yumemiru Wood In Genshin Impact?

Where to find Sakura Trees?

Yumemiru Wood is used for Furniture Material in Genshin Impact. It is used to craft furniture and decorations in Genshin. This guide will help you to find Sakura Trees’ location and tips to farm Yumemiru Woods. Also, the guide will help you to farm different types of Genshin Impact Woods you can use for crafting furniture.

Yumemiru Wood Locations

Genshin Impact Sakura Tree Location

Chopping Sakura Tree will give you Yumemiru Wood In Genshin Impact. Sakura Tree is located on Narukami Island. Where you can also find Aralia Wood in the same location. It is one among the 7-8 different types of Wood in Genshin. To help you more with finding up different types of woods refer to the list below.

  1. Qingce Bamboo – Bishui Plain.
  2. Birches – Windwail Highland.
  3. Cuihua Trees – Starfell Valley & Bishui Plain.
  4. Cedars – Common areas around Starfell Valley.
  5. Pines – Dragonspine Region.
  6. Sandbearer Trees – Common areas around Minlin & Lisha.
  7. Faber’s Fir – Galesong Hill & Starfell Valley.

Woods are required to craft furniture and other decorative items in Genshin Impact. Some items will need a single wood, a potion, and a random item. While some require two different types of woods. So if you are interested in renovating your home then keep the sword aside.

Your expeditions will be based on finding the right type of tree. Thankfully Sakura trees are extremely easy to locate from other trees. They stand separately with pink blossoms in the wilderness. Sakura trees are also found in various locations of Narukami Island and in some parts of Inazuma City.

What are woods used for?

Genshin Impact introduced a new Housing System. This rewards you with profit that will later level you up in the game. Complete A Teapot To Call Home Quest by Madame Ping. As a reward for the quest, you will get a Serenitea Pot. Place it on the front and interact to unlock the Housing System. It will teleport to a different location. The progression system here relies on the trust rank.

Genshin Impact Furnishing

You will be able to unlock more new materials as you level up. There is a separate Furnishing Section that lets you craft various furniture and items. EXP is rewarded to you by crafting furniture. Under Furnishing Menu the Furnishing Schematics section will give you a list of items you can craft. Each item has a crafting recipe that requires two or three items. Woods are an essential part of Furnishing.

The items under the Furnishing menu have items requirements as well as a wait time. Some of them will be unlocked after reaching a certain trust level. It is visible in the Furnishing Menu. So grabbing enough would always be a necessary requirement in Genshin Impact.

To help you more with crafting do check our guide on how to get all woods in Genshin Impact.