Where to find Aralia Tree In Genshin Impact?

Aralia Tree Location Guide

Woods are required to crafted furniture and other decorative items in Genshin Impact. The Furnishing menu is added to the game that allows you to give your home a unique look. If you are bored with hunting down creatures and want a break then why not building something. There are different types of woods in Genshin Impact, Aralia is one of them. Each furniture item for example a stand or a chair requires some type of wood + a potion or any kind of additional item to craft. So farming woods on your way to explore is always a good idea.

In this article, I am going to help you with finding up Aralia Woods in Genshin Impact. Woods mostly drop by chopping down trees in the game. If you are able to find the right tree and its spawn location then the job is easier.

Where to find Aralia Wood In Genshin Impact?

Aralia Woods Genshin Impact

Aralia wood is found on Narukami Island by chopping Inazuman Cedar. It’s a standard-looking tree with green leaves and a thin long trunk. While exploring Narukami Island you will come across green trees. Do not forget to chop them out and find what types of wood they are dropping. There are random places on the island where you can find these trees in abundance. Best to find a high spot and explore the region.

Each wood has a different type of tree, for example, the Maple Woods tree has red leaves on them. Yumemiru Wood has a mixture of pink and purple flowers, while dark and light green is common for many types of woods. This can be a little confusing, the easiest way to find what wood will drop is to chop down the tree.

Aralia Woods Genshin Impact

To help you in easily finding Aralia Woods in Genshin refer to the image on right. The tree looks exactly in the image shown above. You cannot just really see the fallen chopped pieces, but you have to find the tree for farming Aralia Woods in Genshin Impact. The challenge is to find the exact location where you can find such trees in large numbers. The more you can find them the higher amount of chopped Aralia woods will be added to your inventory.

With these do not forget to explore and find other woods also. For example, the Otogi Wood, which is found on the Island of Inazuma. Similar to these you can also use our guide to find Yumemiru Wood. To help you more with woods farming in Genshin Impact check out the list below. They are seven different types of woods in Genshin and common reason where you can find them.

  1. Qingce Bamboo – Bishui Plain.
  2. Birches – Windwail Highland.
  3. Cuihua Trees – Starfell Valley & Bishui Plain.
  4. Cedars – Common areas around Starfell Valley.
  5. Pines – Dragonspine Region.
  6. Sandbearer Trees – Common areas around Minlin & Lisha.
  7. Faber’s Fir – Galesong Hill & Starfell Valley.

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