How To Do A Cross In FIFA 22

Here is a guide on doing a Cross in FIFA 22.

Crosses have been a staple in FIFA games for a very long time. They have proven to be very useful and sometimes even overpowered. In this guide, I will explain how to do a Cross in FIFA 22 and its variants.

How to do a Cross in FIFA 22

cross fifa 22

A Cross is a medium to long-range pass that is made from the Wide area to the center of the field, near the opponent’s goal. The Cross is usually made to bring the ball into the box of the goal you are scoring. In FIFA 22, there are multiple types of Crosses. Some basic and some powerful. The types of Crosses you can perform as well as how to do them are as follows.

Normal Cross in FIFA 22

A Normal Cross, as stated in the name, is the default cross you can perform in FIFA 22. You can perform this by pressing the Square Button on the PS or the X button on the Xbox. This is a simple cross that is usually converted into a goal by heading or by volleying if there is time.

High Cross

Yes, the infamous High Cross from FIFA 19 is back. The High Cross is a high pass with a long air time. It goes pretty high, giving your players time to adjust to it. This is also true for your opponents. Only perform this pass if you have a player with an ungodly jumping stat or has good height. To perform a High Cross, Press the L1 + Square buttons on the PS. For the Xbox, it is LB + X.

Low Cross

Low Cross is a cross that is given at the ground level. It’s a quick cross with very little airtime. To perform it just double-tap the Square Button or the X button for the PS and Xbox respectively.

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With this, we have reached the end for the old Crosses that existed in the prior versions of FIFA. Now we will see the newer types of Crosses FIFA 22 has to offer.

Driven Cross in FIFA 22

The Driven Cross is a powerful cross given at the waist level. It’s a Quick cross that will catch your opponents off guard. Pressing R1 + Square will perform the Driven Cross on the PS. For Xbox, it’s RB + X. It most effective when your striker is at the head of the defender. Commit this cross and the striker will volley the ball into the goal.

Whipped Cross

A Whipped Cross is like the High Cross but not as high and faster. it gives your striker a lot of opportunities to score. It travels at the head level and it is a leading shot, which means it is shot to where the striker will be and not where the striker is. L1 + R1 + Square is the button to perform it on the PS. LB + RB + X is for the Xbox.

Low Driven Cross

Now we have reached the best Cross in FIFA 22. The Low Driven Cross takes all the attributes of the Low Cross and Driven Cross for an explosive pass. This is very effective when the striker is in a position where the defender can’t stop the cross. If that’s the case then go for it and see the goals rack up. To perform it, Double Tap Square while holding down the R1 on the PS. Double-tap X and hold RB is for the Xbox.

These were all of the types of Crosses and how you can do them. Hopefully, this guide has helped hit some nutty goals. You can also check out our other guides on the Best LB and also the Best Camera Settings in FIFA 22.