The Best Left Backs (LB) In FIFA 22

In this article we take a look at the best Left-backs in Fifa 22.

The LB or Left-Back is an important position in FIFA 22 if you regularly deploy wing formations and like movement on the flanks. In this guide we take a look at the best left-back you can play with in FIFA 22.

Who Are the Best Left Backs (LBs) in Fifa 22?

best lb fifa 22

The best LB in Fifa 22 as of now is Andrew Robertson of Liverpool who has an overall rating of 87. He has some pretty good stats that can prove to be extremely decisive in-game. To ensure you select an Lb that suits your requirements the best, we’ve mentioned one for each of the following 5 categories- Overall, Pace, Power, Defense, and Attack. Do bear in mind that these aren’t purely on the basis of OVR rating. Here’s more about the stats and a few more Lbs you can play with in Fifa 22.

Marcos Acuna- Overall

acuna fifa 22

Marcos Acuna sits 5th as far as Ovr is concerned, however, the Sevilla LB has the best total LB statistics in Fifa 22. His statistics are distributed fairly evenly with insanely good defense, agility as well as physicality. If you’re looking for a left-back who has really the best distributions in all departments, Marcus Acuna comes the closest.

Andrew Robertson – Defense

robertson fifa 22

The highest-rated LB in Fifa 22, Andrew Robertson stands tall at 87 ovr. He’s really the best there is as far as the defending aspect is concerned. However, if you’re looking for options that are more attacking in nature, we feel there are better contenders for an attacking LB spot in Fifa 22.

Jordi Alba – Attack

jordi alba best lb

Despite having a lower OVR as compared to Robertson, Jordi Alba has a better statistic total. However the distributions here cancel out each other to reveal mostly a Lb with enhanced Lw stats. This simply means he has great movement, pace and agility with amazing crossing. If you deploy an attacking wing-frame like a 4-3-3, Jordi Alba is really among the best Lb option in-game right now. Remember we’re still talking about Lb’s so don’t cry foul for him not finishing every half chance like a LW Neymar would.

Alphonso Davies – Pace

davies fifa 22

The third fastest player in the game, Alphonso Davies is an absolute beast on the flanks. The cheatcode kicks in when you notice the 85 dribbling paired up with the 96 demon pace he can unleash. Having insane pace on the flanks has forever been a Fifa favourite. And knowing Davies exploits, we’re certain we can expect this consistency in pace for a lot more Fifas to come.

Lucas Digne – Power

digne lb

While sitting at a measly 69 strength, Digne overpowers the competition with a very boastful distribution of power statistics. A huge stamina rating coupled with shot power means you can really cause problems if you take a deadshot in the dying minutes or if you need someone on the wings who can repeatedly complete flank rotations.


icons fifa

It has been common knowledge for a while now that Roberto Carlos’ LB icons card is pretty much always going to overpower any other LB card in-game. If Roberto Carlos wasn’t enough, Paolo Maldini and Ashley Cole have pretty strong LB cards as well. We’ve refrained from making a mention of icons and other potential seasonal and event LB cards since the certainty and attainability have a huge probability associated with them.

That’s pretty much all there is to choose the Best LB in Fifa 22 for every important aspect of the game. While this remains our opinion which considered a lot of factors before mentioning these players, we need to emphasize that these statistics will not really matter in FUT once seasonal players, TOTW players, Icons, and other Lb cards with higher ratings come about. In order to keep tabs on these card updates, you can refer to our Fifa 22 guides section. Furthermore, here’s our take on realistic FIFA ratings and the best players in FIFA 22.