How To Pass In FIFA 22

Here's a complete guide on how to execute a pass with all the relevant passing mechanisms in FIFA 22.

The foremost giant in the realm of soccer gaming- EA Sports, is back with FIFA 22. With a host of changes and in-game improvements, there are a few alterations and ironed-out intricacies that FIFA 22 has promised. The game is famous for having an extremely mechanical in-game implementation that heavily depends on physics and player maneuver factors. Among those factors lies the simplest and most basic move in football – passing the ball. In this guide, we’ll highlight how you can execute a pass in FIFA 22 as well as all the different ways in which you can do it.

How to Pass in FIFA 22?

pass fifa 22

The simplest and easiest way to pass in FIFA 22 is to hold down the pass button for a duration corresponding to the distance you wish the pass to travel while directing the player to pass in that direction. The buttons for passing a ball in FIFA 22 are X for the PlayStation, A for the Xbox, and L for PC. These can be customized as needed. In addition to this, there are specific ways in which you need to pass for the pass to be effective. Moreover, to aid the player, there are 3 different styles of passes plus an additional style in FIFA 22. These can be used as the situation demands in-game to create maximum chances of scoring or getting out of a tough situation. Mentioned below are all styles of passing in FIFA 22.

The Ground Pass

ground pass fifa 22

The Ground pass is the simplest type of pass to execute in FIFA 22. This style of passing is utilized when players are closer to each other and are in a triangle or conical formation. The ground pass is executed by simply holding the pass button. If you wish for the pass to travel further, you can hold the button longer before releasing it. Moreover, you can even gather momentum by running and then passing the ball. This will not only provide more distance and power on the pass but also throw off opponents charging in. Remember that a pass with more power on it will be harder to receive by your teammate. Mentioned below are the buttons you can use on each platform to execute a ground pass in FIFA 22.

Platform  Button
PlayStation X
Xbox A
Nintendo Switch B

The Lob Pass

lob pass fifa 22

The Lob pass is utilized primarily for those players that prefer a long-ball style of play. The lob pass is basically an aerial pass meant to clear out opponents, and reach a region your teammate is either already at, or sprinting towards. Simpler lob passes involve short distances such as lobbing one from the edge of the final third into the box for a teammate to shoot. You can execute a lob pass by holding down the dedicated button. Bear in mind that the lob pass is a bit tricky to execute and takes some practice. Also, remember to not overload the power bar for the lob pass as it may lead the ball out of play. Crosses are also a type of lob pass and are the most used and effective plays in FIFA 22.

Platform  Button
PlayStation Square
Xbox X
Nintendo Switch Y

The Through Pass

fifa 22 through ball

If you regularly stick to a playing style like that of FC Barcelona or Manchester City that prefer ground balls over aerial ones, the through pass is what caters best to you. Through passes enable teammates to attack empty spaces by running into the area, while maintaining an onside position and additionally getting the ball between the lines of defense. In order to execute a perfect through ball pass, locate a teammate who can outrun his marker in an advanced region on the pitch. Then press the through pass button. While the through pass wins a lot of situations for your team, undershooting it or overshooting it can give instant possession of the ball to your opponents. It’s advisable to use the through pass for wing plays more than centrally.

Platform Button
PlayStation Triangle
Xbox Y
Nintendo Switch X

The Fake Pass

fake pass fifa 22

In addition to all the styles of passing, there lies a really important and often undermined style called the Fake pass. What a fake pass does is, it attempts to trick the opponents into thinking you’re executing a pass thereby making them commit to either leaning in that direction or attempting to foul you thereby buying you both space and time to carry the ball ahead.

Platform Button
PlayStation Square, X+Direction
Xbox X, A+Direction
PC Space, L+Direction
Nintendo Switch A, B+Direction

Points to Bear in Mind While Passing

how to pass fifa 22

There are a few things you need to remember when executing a pass for making a play. They’re mentioned as follows:

  • Ensure your players have a decent passing stat.
  • Utilize your best passers in the midfield or at the back and avoid keeping them at the frontline.
  • You can use passes in combinations to get the most out of a play.
  • Pass only when clear to ensure you don’t lose possession.
  • Similarly, avoid spamming through passes which may cause you to lose possession.

We hope this guide was of assistance to you. It is crucial in FIFA 22 to stay in touch with the game to best get used to the controls. If you’re undecided on how to approach FIFA, here’s a guide that lists the best players in FIFA 22.