How To Make MrBeast In Infinite Craft

MrBeast is well known for his high-production, fast-paced videos and here’s how to create this popular Youtuber in this crafting game.

Imagine a game where you can craft anything, from everyday objects to abstract concepts. That’s the essence of Infinite Craft, a unique browser-based game that lets your imagination run wild. In this guide, I will show you the steps to make MrBeast in Infinite Craft and the ingredients you need to craft various combinations to get there.

How to Make Mr Beast in Infinite Craft

The recipe combo of Squid Game + Youtuber can create MrBeast in Infinite Craft.

This is because a YouTube video titled “$456,000 Squid Game in Real Life!” (released in November 2021) recreates the show’s games with real participants, but in a safe and non-lethal way. Essentially, MrBeast’s “Squid Game” offered a lighter and more playful take on the show’s dark themes. It capitalized on the immense popularity of the series while delivering a different kind of experience for viewers. It ended up garnering 580,009,156 views to date!

While you’d think that Donation + YouTuber, or Money + Youtuber might bring up this extremely popular and successful creator, this actually ends up creating PewDiePie instead.

But, I digress. Here are all the recipe combinations to get MrBeast in Infinite Craft!

recipe combination to get mrbeast in infinite craft

How to Get Squid Game in Infinite Craft

how to make squid in infinite craft
  • Combine Lightning and Ocean to make Squid.
  • Combine Squid with Internet to get Squid Game.

How to Get Lightning

  • Water + Fire = Steam
  • Steam + Wind = Cloud
  • Cloud + Fire = Lightning

How to Get Ocean

  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Ocean

How to Get Youtuber in Infinite Craft

We have a dedicated article that can help you make Youtuber in Infinite Craft, so be sure to follow the steps mentioned there. Basically, you can combine Youtube + Worker to get Youtuber as an outcome.

Now that you have the Youtuber and Squid Game blocks ready, combine them and you will unlock MrBeast in Infinite Craft. And if you’d like to make more famous people in the game, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to create Travis Scott, Drake, and Kanye West.