How To Make Drake In Infinite Craft

Some madness and badness, combination. Here’s how you can create your favorite rapper, Drake in Infinite Craft.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating new elements, items, ideas, and abstract objects in Infinite Craft. From their favorite Anime characters and celebrities to meme material like Skibidi Toilet, players can craft anything they think of. Similarly, when it comes to the long list of rappers, Infinite Craft fans are wondering how they can make Drake and use this musician while crafting other recipes as well. If you want to find out how to complete this process, here’s everything you need to know before you begin crafting this famous singer.

How to Get Drake in Infinite Craft

How To Make Drake In Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

In order to craft this rapper, you will have to merge two elements together. You will have to combine Dragon and Meme for this recipe. Although it is easy to craft Dragon, creating a Meme is comparatively more difficult. However, by precisely following the steps we have listed, you will be able to make Drake within no time. Therefore, start this process by crafting your first ingredient.

How to Craft Dragon in Infinite Craft

  • Earth + Water = Plant
  • Plant + Water = Swamp
  • Fire + Swamp = Dragon

After you have received your first element, start working on your second ingredient for this recipe.

How to Craft Meme in Infinite Craft

  • Fire + Water = Steam
  • Fire + Steam = Engine
  • Engine + Engine = Rocket
  • Rocket + Rocket = Satellite
  • Engine + Steam = Train
  • Rocket + Train = Bullet Train
  • Bullet Train + Satellite = Internet
  • Earth + Water = Plant
  • Plant + Water = Swamp
  • Internet + Swamp = Meme

Now that you have both of your ingredients, combine them to get the musician you want –

  • Dragon + Meme = Drake

Recipes with Drake as an Ingredient

  • Drake + Paparazzi = Drama
  • Drake + Internet = Memes
  • Drake + Social = Media
  • Drake + Media = Social Media
  • Drake + Camera = Drizzy
  • Drake + Drunk = Dracula
  • Drake + Diamond = Rapper
  • Drake + Netflix = Chill
  • Drake + Chill = Ice Dragon

This is everything you need to know about creating Drake in Infinite Craft. You can also check out how to make a Best Friend, Girlfriend, and a Party. If you want to start crafting complex recipes, go through our list of different crafting combinations, here on Gamer Tweak.