How To Make Rapper In Infinite Craft

Here’s the sequence of combinations to follow to make Rapper in Infinite Craft easily.

You can create interesting results by combining various elements in Infinite Craft and one of them is Rapper. Of course, it needs Music, but what else? Here’s the full crafting recipe of all the combinations to make Rapper.

How to Make Rapper in Infinite Craft

To craft a Rapper, you need to combine Human + Music which creates a DJ, and when you combine Human + DJ, you get a Rapper.

Here’s how to get to Human and Music in order to combine them further.

How to make Human:

  1. Fire + Wind = Smoke
  2. Smoke + Water = Fog
  3. Earth + Wind = Dust
  4. Earth + Dust = Planet
  5. Planet + Fog = Venus
  6. Fire + Water = Steam
  7. Steam + Earth = Mud
  8. Mud + Venus = Adam
  9. Adam + Mud = Human
combine human with music

How to make Music:

  1. Fire + Earth = Lava
  2. Lava + Earth = Stone
  3. Stone + Earth = Rock
  4. Human + Water = Fish
  5. Fish + Plant (which is Earth + Water) = Seaweed
  6. Fish + Seaweed = Sushi
  7. Sushi + Seaweed = Roll
  8. Roll + Rock = Music
how to craft DJ in infinite craft

Now that you have Music and Human, combine them to make DJ. Next, combine DJ with a Human and you’ve got yourself a rapper in Infinite Craft.

Note that for many, these aren’t the only combos that can unlock these items – you may land up on them in other ways too. For more such interesting recipes like making Slime, Electricity, and even New York, here’s the crafting combinations list that you might want to keep handy. Plus, find out if there are any Infinite Craft cheats you can use as well.