How To Make Travis Scott In Infinite Craft

Fan of Goosebumps, Sicko Mode, Highest in the Room and Butterfly Effect? Then here’s how to make Travis Scott in Infinite Craft!

Jacques Bermon Webster II, better known by his stage name Travis Scott, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer who has performed in virtual live shows in Fortnite (which gained millions of viewers). Since you can make various musicians in this crafting game such as Kanye West and Drake, if you want to know the recipe combination to make Travis Scott in Infinite Craft, this guide has you covered.

Recipe to Make Travis Scott in Infinite Craft

  • To create Travis Scott, you can combine Cactus Jack + Chicken Nuggets.

Cactus Jack Records is the record label founded by Travis Scott and the Chicken Nugget reference is from the collab McDonald’s had with this rapper wherein they sold $90 body pillows that look like Chicken Nuggets.

Travis Scott Combos List

travis scott recipe combination
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak
Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Result of Combination
Dust   Plant   Pollen
Tea   Tempest   Typhoon
Earth   Fire   Lava
Plant   Swamp   Venus Flytrap
Ocean   Pollen   Coral
Lava   Typhoon   Volcano
Coral   Venus Flytrap   Coral Reef
Ocean   Ocean   Sea
Dust   Volcano   Ash
Coral Reef   Steam   Fish
Lava   Sea   Stone
Ash   Dust   Cinder
Earth   Tea   Teapot
Plant   Tempest   Tree
Fish   Water   Fishbowl
Cinder   Stone   Glass
Swamp   Teapot   Witch
Plant   Tree   Forest
Steam   Steampunk Pirate   Steampunk Pirate Ship
Tree   Venus Flytrap   Carnivore
Fire   Fishbowl   Goldfish
Fire   Glass   Lens
Smoke   Witch   Wizard
Forest   Forest   Jungle
Steampunk Pirate   Wind   Airship
Steampunk Pirate Ship   Stone   Stonehenge
Carnivore   Swamp   Crocodile
Goldfish   Swamp   Piranha
Lens   Swamp   Microscope
Steam   Wizard   Cloud
Dust   Jungle   Monkey
Airship   Fire   Crash
Crocodile   Stonehenge   Dinosaur
Piranha   Smoke   Vampire
Cloud   Microscope   Rain
Crash   Monkey   Donkey Kong
Fire   Steam   Engine
Dinosaur   Dinosaur   Egg
Rain   Vampire   Dracula
Donkey Kong   Donkey Kong   Diddy Kong
Dust   Ocean   Sand
Egg   Engine   Chicken
Diddy Kong   Dracula   Dracula Kong
Plant   Sand   Cactus
Chicken   Goldfish   Chicken Nuggets
Cactus   Dracula Kong   Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack   Chicken Nuggets   Travis Scott

That’s everything about crafting Travis Scott! There are more complex combinations you can make in this game and we’ve got lots of guides that can help you out. Be sure to explore our Infinite Craft articles on things like TVWoodChocolateVideo Game, and concepts like HopeMusicHate and Evil.