How To Make Chocolate In Infinite Craft (Recipe Guide)

Infinite Craft lets you make almost anything in the world and if you are a fan of chocolates, you can make your very own in the game. If you don’t know the correct recipe, here are the combinations you will need.

In order to make Chocolate in Infinite Craft, you will have to go through a series of complex recipes to unlock the necessary elements. However, if you are enjoying the game and are excited to craft elements like Chocolate Bar, Hot Chocolate, and more, you will need Chocolate. There will be multiple steps that you need to follow to unlock the necessary elements (some of which you might already have) so bear with us.

Since there are too many elements that you will have to craft, getting Chocolate won’t be as easy. While there are multiple ways to do so, we stumbled upon it while making a combination of Aztec and Water. If you want to use Chocolate as a crafting element for other items, you can use the recipe we have provided here. Since you cannot remember all the recipes, you can check out Infinite Craft cheats that can help you with combos if you are stuck.

How to Make Chocolate in Infinite Craft

Other Recipes from Chocolate in Infinite Craft
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These are all the elements that you need to combine to make Chocolate in Infinite Craft:

  • Fire + Wind = Smoke
  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Earth = Stone
  • Stone + Smoke = Statue
  • Stone + Lava = Obsidian
  • Statue + Obsidian = Aztec
  • Aztec + Water = Chocolate

There are so many other complex ways to make Chocolate and you are free to experiment if you are enjoying the game.

Other Recipes from Chocolate in Infinite Craft

Here are some useful recipes that you can make using Chocolate in Infinite Craft:

  • Chocolate + Chocolate = Chocolate Bar
  • Chocolate + Water = Hot Chocolate
  • Chocolate + Fire = Marshmallow
  • Chocolate + Plant = Cocoa
  • Chocolate + Wind = Chocolate Milk
  • Chocolate + Obsidian = Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Chocolate + Marshmallow = S’more
  • Chocolate + Volcano = Lava Cake

Since it is easy to get confused with so many recipes, you can find all Infinite Craft combinations in our guide here.

That’s all you will need from this guide. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Infinite Craft guides right here at Gamer Tweak.