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How To Change Shoulder Camera Perspective In Hitman 3

In this quick guide, we will show you how to swap shoulder perspective in Hitman 3.

As Agent 47, you have to assassinate a lot of people while sneaking into various locations wearing disguises. While you are busy trying to aim on your targets, you may get confused about how to change shoulder view in Hitman 3. That’s because having the wrong shoulder at the wrong time can affect your aiming skills. Keep reading to know more about how to change shoulders and how the swapping of perspectives functions in the game.

How to Swap Shoulder View in Hitman 3?

How To Change Shoulders In Hitman 3

To change shoulders in Hitman 3, you have to press L3 on PlayStation, left stick on Xbox, V on your keyboard and left stick on Nintendo Switch. Go ahead and switch shoulder view while you aim and change it to whichever camera perspective is more appropriate for you at that moment.

If you are a veteran of the Hitman franchise and have played the World of Assassination games before this one, you know that there was an option to change shoulders anytime. But in Hitman 3, the developers have only kept this option if you have aimed your weapon. Let’s wait and see if they allow players to change shoulder perspective in an update.

So, to recap, you have to press the left stick on your controller or press the V key on your keyboard (PC players) to change shoulders in Hitman 3. It’s all about timing because you don’t want your target to escape while you are getting a hang of swapping shoulder camera view. It has to be quick because you will get detected pretty quickly especially on a higher difficulty. So remember to get some practice done beforehand.

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