How To Change Shells In Mortal Shell

Here's what you should know if you want to change shells in Mortal Shell. Do this to easily switch shells.

One of the things that makes Mortal Shell unique is its concept of, well, shells. If you’ve been playing this game, you know its importance because it gives you a second chance. Basically, they are the remains of dead warriors that you can occupy. With different shells, you get different benefits and there are four such ‘vessels’. Now, many players are wondering, especially in the early game: how to change shells in Mortal Shells? This guide will show you how.

Mortal Shell: How to Switch Shells

As mentioned before, each shell has its own set of abilities, stamina levels and mechanics suiting different playstyles. Their names are as follows:

  • Harros, the Vassal
  • Tiel, the Acolyte
  • Solomon, the Scholar
  • Eredrim, the Venerable

We have all the Shell locations covered in our guide, so you can head there to know where to find them. Now, once you have acquired them, let’s look at how to change Shells in Mortal Shell since the game doesn’t explain it directly.

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The first way is to visit the Fallgrim Tower and go to the crypt. All you have to do now is walk towards the shell and inhabit it by interacting with it. You will get a prompt on the screen about the button to press for the same.

The second way to do it is by using an effigy. This is a consumable that you can find anywhere in the game. But make sure to use it carefully and wisely because it is not very common. To change Shells in Mortal Shell through this method, you have to open your inventory and use an effigy. This will help you switch anywhere in the world without going to the Fallgrim Tower.

This is how to inhabit different shells in Mortal Shell. We have more such guides for you that will help you navigate the dark world of this game. Find out how to farm Glimpse, how to get Tars and Glimpses, where to farm Weltcap, and more. If you want some next-level difficulty, read about how to access the Strange Altar and activate the Obsidian Dark Mode. Also, don’t miss our in-depth Mortal Shell review right here on Gamer Tweak.