Pokemon Sleep: How To Befriend Pokemon (Get Helpers)

Want to make some new Pokemon friends in Pokemon Sleep? Here is all you need to do for that.

Found your favorite Pokemon, but don’t know how to befriend it in Pokemon Sleep. Here is all you need to know about the mechanism and Max Friendship Points. Adding Pokemon in your dex is not the same as most other Pokemon games, but it is similar. The game is unique in its approach, so there aren’t gym matches and challenging players for Pokemon options at the time of writing. This Pokemon version of the game is peaceful & cozy and helps you monitor not just Pokemon’s sleep but yours too. And this allows you to get sufficient sleep.

How to Max Friendship Points and Befriend in Pokemon Sleep

How To Get Helpers In Pokemon Sleep

To befriend Pokemon you have to Max Friendship Points by feeding them Biscuits. The requirement level will change depending on the type, rarity, and the amount of Pokemon you have. Different types of Biscuits give different amounts of points. Such as Bonus Biscuit gives 3, and Poke Biscuits gives one. The Biscuits give more Friendship Points when Pokemon is Hungry. So when you feed Poke Biscuits to Hungry ones, you get 3 points. Great Biscuit gives nine, Bonus gives nine, Premium Bonus Biscuit gives 12, and Master is max. Once you have befriended the Pokemon, you can make them your Helpers.

Now what you need to remember here is that there is a limit on how much any Pokemon can eat. If you keep feeding Poke Biscuits to Pokemon with ten or more Friendship Points requirement, it will get full, and you will have to let it go. So make sure you have Master, Great, and Bonus Biscuits ready, whenever you attempt to befriend Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep.

If you only have Poke Biscuits and can’t purchase or obtain more for the day, you can feed them Poke Biscuits too. The number of points you have obtained will continue even the next time you meet it. But there is no guarantee that the Pokemon will appear again.

Keep feeding Biscuits to Pokemon to befriend them in Pokemon Sleep. And read our other Pokemon Sleep guides to know what you can do with Good Camp Tickets and how you can tell if it’s Shiny.