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What Are Good Camp Tickets In Pokemon Sleep?

This is how you get Good Camp Tickets in Pokemon Sleep.

Want to get a Good Camp Ticket in Pokemon Sleep? Read along to learn where you get these tickets and why you need them. Pokemon Sleep is a unique game where Snorlax attracts Pokemons while you are asleep. And there is a long list of Pokemon you can find with just a good sleep. Sleeping is the basic mechanism of getting Pokemon, but you can buy or get other in-game items for boosts that increase chances. Good Camp Ticket is one such item, so get and use them.

What is a Good Camp Ticket? How to Get It in Pokemon Sleep

How To Get Good Camp Set In Pokemon Sleep

Good Camp Ticket can be bought from the General Store for 500 Diamonds. And you use a Good Camp Ticket to get a Good Camp Set in Pokemon Sleep. By using one ticket, you can use a set for seven days. Now there are various buffs you get with this set, but before learning that, use these steps to buy a Good Camp Ticket in Pokemon Sleep.

  • Launch the Pokemon Sleep.
  • Tap on the left icon of Pokeball or music tune.
  • This will expand the options menu, and you will see the Shop button.
  • Go to the Shop.
  • This is your General Store. There you will see two sections: Diamonds and Sleep Points.
  • Scroll to find the Good Camp Ticket in the Diamonds section.
  • Tap on the 500 Diamonds button. Confirm the purchase of the ticket.
  • Then go back to the main menu and use the Good Camp Set to activate the Good Camp Ticket.

What You Get With a Good Camp Set

  • Extra Pokemon for sleep research.
  • Extra hungry Pokemon.
  • Cooking Pot becomes 50% larger.
  • Helpers work 20% faster.
  • Helpers can carry 20% more Berries and Ingredients.

Here is all you have to do to get and use a Good Camp Ticket for Set in Pokemon Sleep. If you found this guide interesting and are looking for more such topics, check out our Pokemon Sleep guides. Start with how to track sleep with Pokemon Go Plus+ & Pokemon Sleep, and then read how to get Shiny.