Pokemon Sleep: How To Get Biscuits

Here are all the ways to get Biscuits in Pokemon Sleep.

There are many different kinds of Biscuits in Pokemon Sleep. You can get and feed these Biscuits to increase your friendship level with a Pokemon. Filling your friendship meter will allow you to catch Pokemon with ease. So get these Biscuits and feed Snorlax some Berries or cooked food. Go to sleep. When you come back, you will see many Pokemon. If they are hungry, feed them Biscuits, and you might catch Shiny too.

Where Are Biscuits in Pokemon Sleep and How to Get Them

How To Buy Biscuits In Pokemon Sleep

Poke Biscuit, Great Biscuit, Master Biscuit, Bonus Biscuit, and Premium Bonus Biscuit are all the Biscuits you can get in Pokemon Sleep. Some Biscuits can be purchased from the Shop with Sleep Points, some with Diamonds, and others you get daily. Prices of these Biscuits change with the purchase store. Such as if you are using Premium Pass, you will get them for a cheaper price than the regular stores. Here is a list of all the Biscuits and how to get them in Pokemon Sleep.

  • Poke Biscuit: Sleep Points General Store, Premium Shop, and Diamond General Store.
  • Great Biscuit: Diamond General Store and Premium Shop.
  • Master Biscuit: Sleep Points General Store.
  • Bonus Biscuit: Daily log-in reward for all players.
  • Premium Bonus Biscuit: Daily log-in for Premium Pass players.

What Do These Biscuits Do

Poke Biscuits of Pokemon Sleep adds one friendship point when fed. Great Biscuit gives 3 friendship points every time you feed it to Pokemon. Master Biscuit maxes out the friendship points and fills the friendship bar. Bonus Biscuit also gives 3 friendship points. Lastly, Premium Bonus Biscuit will add 4 friendship points.

That’s all about how to get Biscuits to increase Pokemon’s friendship level in Pokemon Sleep. If this guide is interesting to you, check how to get a Good Camp Ticket and track sleep with Pokemon Go Plus+  from our Pokemon Sleep guides.