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Destruction Allstars: How Many Players?

Here's how many players can play Destruction Allstars together.

Destruction Allstars is the game everyone is talking about right now because it is currently a free PS Plus game on the PS5. It’s all about vehicles, combat, crashes and chaos. If you want to join in on the fun and want to know how many players can be there in Destruction Allstars, this quick guide will answer your question.

How Many Players in Destruction Allstars?

You can play Destruction Allstars with up to 16 players online. This means that there will be two opposing teams of 8 members each. Having PS Plus is a must for all players in order to play together. Among the four online game modes that exist, you can play Carnado and Stockpile in a party. The other two, Mayhem and Gridfall, can be played solo only.

how many players destruction allstars

So, that answers how many players can play Destruction Allstars. Now, the next question on your mind would be how to play with friends online? We’ve got you covered. Check out our Destruction Allstars Multiplayer guide for the steps to invite friends and join the adventure together.

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Plus, if you are curious to know if Destruction Allstars has splitscreen, unfortunately, the answer is no. Due to the lack of local multiplayer option, the only way to play this game with other players is to play it online.

For players who want to change the matchmaking region, there’s a way to do that too. If you get some lag while playing which will give you some jerks in the car and character movement, then you need to check your internet connection’s stability.

This game’s similarity to Fortnite and Rocket League is evident but Destruction Allstars takes the destruction to a whole new level. For more questions answered, check out our guides on what are shards, which are all the trophies you can earn and how to customize your character.