Tips to get Destruction Points and AllStar Coins: Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars is the new free PS5 game that has got everyone in a frenzy. Here’s a guide as to how to earn the two in-game currencies, Destruction Points and AllStar Coins.

Destruction AllStars is the latest PS5 exclusive to hit the virtual shelves. While earlier it was supposed to be a paid release it has since then changed into a free game for PS5. Makes sense rather as it was supposed to be released at a price tag of 70 USD. Destruction AllStars will be free for PS5 users until the 4th of July.

The game in itself is like a weird demon baby formed by mixing Twisted Metal, Fortnite, and Rocket League. As with most modern games it contains immense customization options for the characters, the vehicles and custom emote that is tied into the in-game currencies. So here’s a guide about how to get Destruction Points and AllStar Coins amid all the chaos of the vehicles crashing into each other and characters jumping out of the cars (yes, you can do that).

How to get Destruction Points in Destruction AllStars

Destruction Points and AllStar Coins

Destruction Points are received through purchasing via the PlayStation Store with real money. Earning Destruction Points won’t be possible until later in the year when the daily and weekly challenges launch. Although many of the customization options in the game can be purchased with the help of AllStar coins, some exclusive items still require Destruction Points. Items such as high level emotes are only available for purchase by spending Destruction Points. They can be bought in packs of 500, 1000, and 2000 upon which you can even unlock certain skins and emotes.

How to get AllStar Coins in Destruction AllStars:

AllStar Coins can be unlocked when you level up your XP and by progressing within the game. Each level up allows you to get 1000 AllStar Coins that you can use to purchase different items in the in-game store.

AllStar coins are used to customize character looks or gain new skins. You can even unlock specific emotes and update the wardrobe of your character. There’s even an option to personalize your own profile with special emblems and banners that can be a part of your own individual look.

This guide was all you needed to know about how to get AllStar Coins and Destruction Points. While you’re here have a look at how to mute your annoying teammates.