Destruction AllStars: How To Play With Friends (Multiplayer Guide)

Here's how to set up a party and play with friends in Destruction AllStars.

Destruction AllStars is the latest game in the vehicular combat genre with multiplayer addition in-game. The games are fast paced and perfect to be enjoyed with friends and other players. The gameplay is smooth, combat is swift, and the developer Lucid Games promised new content, game modes, and support for the game following this release. At the time of writing, all PlayStation Plus subscribers can download it for free for the first two months in PlayStation 5. Now you can invite friends with PS5 (sorry PS4 owners) can enjoy the game together as no one has to shell out money more than what they already did for PS5. So let’s look at Destruction AllStars Multiplayer guide on how to play with friends.

How to Play With Friends Online in Destruction AllStars?

Starting a party and playing with friends in Destruction AllStars is quite easy. Let’s look at how to do this below:

  1. Complete the tutorial at the beginning of the game.
  2. From the main menu, hold down the controller touchpad to create a party of your choice.
  3. A menu will open allowing you to add your friends.
  4. You can invite your friends to your game.
  5. Once everyone joins, select the preferred game mode from Stockpile or Carnado modes.
  6. Hold down the touchpad again at the main menu to make changes to the party or to leave the session.
  7. Press Play and start enjoying the game with your friends.
    Destruction Allstars How to Play With Friends

There are two more game modes available in Destruction AllStars. They are Gridfall and Mayhem. Gridfall and Mayhem can only be played in solo mode, whereas for multiplayer you can select either Stockpile or Carnado.

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Does Destruction AllStars Have Splitscreen?

As of the time of writing, Destruction AllStars does not support split-screen coop gameplay or split-screen multiplayer. The multiplayer option is only available online, meaning there is no local multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer Not Working in Destruction AllStars?

Play With Friends in Destruction AllstarsDue to being free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers, the game is currently facing some server issues. You may encounter some lag and stuttering issues. Many players are being disconnected during live game sessions but the servers are expected to be stable soon.

That’s everything you need to know about Destruction AllStars Multiplayer. While you’re here, check out our other guides on Destruction AllStars. If you are getting annoyed by the voice chat in the lobby, here’s how to mute all players easily.