Destruction AllStars: How To Fix Lag And Stutter

Facing lag in Destruction AllStars? Check out this guide for the possible fixes for lag and stutter.

If you are a fan of multiplayer vehicular combat games then Destruction AllStars is right up your alley. But as it is in many online multiplayer games, you will see that there is some lag and stutter in Destruction AllStars as well. This is occurring mostly due to the launch day teething issues and it’s quite common. But it will impact your gaming experience because your attacks on your opponents will not show up correctly and you will see some jerks in movement as well. So, to help you out, here’s what you can do to fix lag and stutter in Destruction AllStars.

How to Fix Lag and Stutter in Destruction AllStars?

Destruction AllStars lag fix

The reason behind the lag and stutter in Destruction AllStars is the huge demand from players since it is a free PS Plus game for PS5 at the time of writing. Due to the possible server overload, you may be facing some lag and stutter issues.

If you are experiencing lag while playing, you will notice that players are moving randomly around the map or your collision hasn’t registered when you have actually collided with your opponent. Because these issues are related to the server and the launch-day popularity of this currently-free game, all you can do is wait. But you still have to check if there are any issues from your end.

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To fix lag and stutter in Destruction AllStars from your end, make sure to check your internet speed. Turn off your router and wait for a minute and then restart it. Launch the game and check if your internet connection issues are fixed. Other than this, you have to wait until the developers fix the server capacity to accommodate the huge influx of players. Eventually, though, this lag issue should get solved on its own and you can play without any problems.

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