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Destruction AllStars: What Are Shards?

Shards are part of an objective in Destruction AllStars and here is a guide on what are they and why to collect them?

Destruction AllStars is the new, next-gen game for the PS5 console. Released as a free release for PS5 users, Destruction AllStars has got everyone in a frenzy. With some chaotic gameplay involving smashing and crashing into your opponents, Destruction AllStars seems to be a juggernaut in the making. The gameplay is extremely vivid with some top-notch graphics to complement the bright, dazzling colors and insane gameplay. Speaking about dazzling things you must have seen some diamond-esque Shards that seem to be floating around on their own. Here’s all you need to know about what are Shards in Destruction AllStars?

The game is all about wrecking your vehicle and obliterating your opponents’ rides. In matches, you will see some Pink shards along the walls or even on platforms. They have a purpose when you are on foot.

What are Shards in Destruction AllStars?

What Are Shards in Destruction AllStars?

Shards help you increase your charge level and is instrumental in obtaining your signature car. While you won’t get any points on the leaderboard for collecting the Shards, the opportunity to get your signature vehicle and going on a rampage is a tantalizing option you need to consider. If you manage to time it properly you can get enough usage from your signature car to hold an edge over your opponents.

While moving around you will come across various Shards along the walls or on top of platforms where the cars are waiting for you. These shards are an objective for you to complete when you’re moving around on foot. As you are moving around on your feet while dodging vehicles you can wall run or jump onto the platforms or go along the walls where the Shards are floating around.

It might also be a good idea to use the momentum of a vehicle that is going to explode to give your jump a larger boost so that you can jump onto the platforms with ease. You can do this by ejecting from your car by hitting X. You can decide whether you want to go on a Shard collecting mission of your own or just jump around from platform to platform in search of your next vehicle.

Now if you’re done collecting Shards you can even have a look at how to cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars or how to play with friends.