How Long To Beat Hitman 3?

Here's how long it takes to complete Hitman 3 based on story missions, main path, and full playthrough. Check out how long to beat Hitman 3.

Agent 47’s trilogy comes to a thrilling end with Hitman 3. This stealth game brings back everything that it’s known for and makes it even better. Like previous installments, there are various locations you have to visit and multiple missions to complete. So, how long to beat Hitman 3, you may wonder. In this quick guide, we will explain everything you need to know.

Hitman 3: How long does it take to Beat?


With 6 locations in the game, you may take eight hours or less to beat Hitman 3, based on how you play. The fact that this title has a lot of replayability, this is the average amount of time you can spend playing it. Only the story missions could take you up to an hour each so it will come to nearly 6 hours if you only do that.

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Keep in mind that everyone will approach the challenges differently so there is no fixed time of how long to beat Hitman 3. Plus, if you are a player of the previous games, you may be faster compared to someone who is picking up Hitman 3 directly. But overall you can take from 6 hours to more than 10 hours to complete it. In case you are one of those players who want to have top notch stealth techniques, then the playthrough duration can even go to way more than that.

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