Is There Going To Be A Season Pass Or DLC For Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Season Pass or DLC could add to the game's narrative. Check here to know more about them

Hitman 3 Season Pass as of right now is a thing of mystery, the last two games provided Season Passes that further extended both games and if you’re wondering when the Season Pass for Hitman 3 will drop, you should read the rest of this guide,

Is There A Season Pass Or DLC For Hitman 3

There is no Season Pass or DLC for Hitman 3, the game concludes with an appropriate ending and brings an end to this chapter of Agent 47. Having to add more story content would rob both the character and players from having that effect. However, though there is The Trinity Pack which is the only downloadable content, it features different cosmetics and weapons but there’s nothing that unlocks future content.

Is There A Season Pass Or DLC For Hitman 3

While Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 had Season Passes or DLC where players could extend the story and narratives of the game, it looks highly unlikely that IO Interactive will wish to add more to this exciting story that combines all three games together to give you a complete story arc.

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While it is not certain what IO Interactive has plans for the future, both past games came with the Season Pass and there can always be some content that can make playing the game even more fun. If there’s any more development like a Season Pass or a DLC, it will be posted right here on Gamer Tweak.

The Trinity Pack in Hitman 3 has weapons from each Hitman game, the Hitman 1 weapons are colored white, Hitman 2 weapons are red and Hitman 3’s weapons are black in color all sporting the golden Hitman insignia that has been associated with the series ever since it was released.

This is all there is to know about is there a Season Pass or DLC in Hitman 3, but while you’re here you should really check out how to enable Ray Tracing in Hitman 3 to bring all the visual effects to max effects.