Hood Outlaws And Legends: How To Invite Friends?

Here’s a guide on how to invite your friends on Hood Outlaws and Legends

Hood Outlaws and legends have made an unexpected entry to the list of favorites of the year. The game didn’t have much hype around but the demo and the release have been able to generate the due hype. Hood has an awesome format with another team trying to stop you from stealing. A multiplayer format so cool makes you wonder how it would feel to play it with your friends, either with you or against you. Here’s how you can invite friends on Hood Outlaws and Legends.

How To Invite Friends In Hood Outlaws And Legends?

Hood outlaws and legends invite friends
To add friends players need to go to the Start menu, open the heist tab, and on the bottom right you will see an invite friends button. Click on it and it will show you a list of your friends whom you can invite. Hood doesn’t allow you to invite players from other platforms. Once you choose the platform you are playing, it will show the list of your platform friends who play the game. Hood has partial cross-play, if you play online you will be matched randomly with players across consoles and PC. Players themselves can’t add friends from other platforms.

This might seem like a bummer but the developers have confirmed this is temporary and they will enable full cross-play very soon. Another point to note is that Play station players won’t be matched with players of other platforms, even during random multiplayer. While the reason for this is unknown Play station players, for now, would be playing with Play station players only. If you are a Play station user you can either hang in there or maybe try changing the platform, but don’t worry as this will also be fixed very soon.

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