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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Stealth Guide

This guide we give you tips and tricks on how to have stealth in Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

Hood is the game of hide and seek at the core of it. It promotes heists that require players to have stealth and sharp minds. The head-on approach of direct attack-based full-blown violence will be rarely seen out there. The more you stay hidden, the better are your chances to have the game at your fingertips. You need stealth at the top of your priorities which might require some guidance. So in this guide, we tell you how to stay hidden in Hood: Outlaws & Legends and increase your stealth.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Stealth guide; How to Stay Hidden?


Use these two techniques to stay hidden and have stealth in the Hood: Outlaws & Legends game.

Take Cover in the Bushes
Stealth Tag Function

Every map in the game is rich in vegetation and dense with bushes. The players can very early on master their stealth in Hood by taking cover of these bushes. Crouching in these bushes will make it difficult for the guards to spot you. This will help the players sneak up on these enemies and kill them silently. Remember, if you stand in these bushes, you will still be visible and the cover will be of no help. You need to be in a crouching position to be invisible.


Use the Tag Function Available in the Hood: Outlaws & Legends Game

Hood Outlaws And Legends Stealth
Apart from that, the game features a function called Tag. This option is very literal and will allow you to tag the enemies in the location. This will not only help you but your teammates will also be able to see them and keep an eye on the incoming danger. The game does promote teamwork too and working in a team using this function can help you approach the enemy silently without being noticed and take them down.

So that is all for our guide on how to stay hidden and have stealth in Hood: Outlaws & Legends game. If you would like to know how to upgrade your hideout in Hood, make sure you check that article out too.