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How To Upgrade Your Hideout In Hood: Outlaws And Legends

Level Up your Hideout in Hood: Outlaws and Legends by the sharing is caring policy.

Hideout is pretty much home for your classes to get everything they need in Hood: Outlaws and Legends. From prepping up for, matches to accessing different challenges, Hideout is their safe haven and their the main part of the game. Being the root of it all, it is important that you keep this location updated and level it up to get more out of it. The rewards can be very giving in terms of unlocking new perks to getting new weapons and skins. It may be however a little confusing as to how to upgrade the Hideout. So to help you with that, in this guide we tell you how to upgrade and level up your Hideout in Hood: Outlaws and Legends.

How To Upgrade and Level Up your Hideout In Hood: Outlaws and Legends?


The Hood Hideout
Players will need to give away the gold they earn after every match in Hood: Outlaws and Legends in order to upgrade their Hideout and level up. Now giving away a little of leftover gold from the matches will not work. You will have to fight a number of matches and give away a considerable amount of gold after each match to the people and play Robinhood.

The gold can be earned in a number of ways but the fastest way to earn gold fast is by fighting matches and defeating the opposition team in Hood: Outlaws and Legends. This gold will then be taken to the Scales of Justice where the players will be met with an option to either give away the gold ‘For The People‘ or ‘For The Purse‘. Choosing the ‘For The People‘ option will share your gold with the poor classes and you will be automatically leveling up your Hideout in Hood: Outlaws And Legends.

We suggest you balance the scale equally so that you get to keep some gold for your purchases alongside leveling up your hideout simultaneously. So that so all for our guide on how to level up and upgrade your Hideout in Hood: Outlaws and Legends. We have covered a few other games on our website Gamertweak if you would like to check out.