TOTK Hinox Locations Map: Stalnox, Black & Blue Hinox

Looking for all the TOTK Hinox locations map? Find out every Stalnox, Black, and Blue Hinox location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Being a one-eyed Monster, you will find Hinox fast asleep most of the time in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If you want to get Hinox Guts, toenails, and its other monster parts, you need to farm Black and Blue Hinox in TOTK. But before that, you must track and find every Hinox across the Hyrule. These monsters include the Stalnox, Blue, and Black Hinox. You can farm their Hinox parts by taking them down around the open world and the main story. Don’t worry, our guide has got you covered with all the Hinox locations map in Zelda TOTK throughout Hyrule. So, check out our guide to find out all Hinox farming and spawning spots.

All Black & Blue Hinox Locations Map in TOTK

You can mainly find the Black and Blue Hinox in Zelda TOTK located across the Surface and Depths maps. In comparison to the Depths, you can farm Hinox monsters around the Surface better. Thanks to MapGenie, we can direct you to all Hinox locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. In total, there are 69 Hinox monsters across the Surface and Depths.

So, here are all the Hinox locations on both map levels:

Surface Map

all hinox map locations zelda totk tears of the kingdom

Depths Map

all hinox map locations zelda totk tears of the kingdomIn total, there are 49 Hinox locations in TOTK marked on the above map. You can head to these locations to take down the Hinox boss.

All Stalnox Locations in TOTK

Here are all the Stalnox locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom:

Surface Map

stalnox locations

Depths Map

all hinox map locations zelda totk tears of the kingdom

Once you have beaten all the Stalnox and Hinox in TOTK, don’t forget to head out to Gralens. He will reward you with a Hinox Monster medal for defeating every Hinox in Hyrule.

All Hinox Monster Parts Drops

After you have killed a Hinox, it drops some Monster Parts. These materials are crucial for upgrading the Fierce Deity Set in Zelda TOTK.

So, here are all the Monster drops by Hinox:

  • Hinox Toenail
  • Hinox Guts
  • Hinox Tooth
  • Black Hinox Horn
  • Hinox Horn
  • Blue Hinox Horn

If you want to upgrade the Fierce Diety armor set, we recommend farming Hinox Guts and Toenails as a priority. But for the Zelda players having trouble beating these bosses, here are some tips to take them down:

How to Beat Hinox in Zelda TOTK (Tips & Strategies)

  • Although Hinox monsters in TOTK are enormous, you can take them down without a cheesing strategy easily. As you majorly find them sleeping, you can use Stealth armor to loot Hinox before fighting them.
  • Once they are awake, you can attack them with your best gear and weapons.
  • Aim and strike their eye to stagger them down. Due to their big size, they take some time before they are fully awake.
  • So, we recommend inflicting as much damage as possible.
  • You can get past their giant legs to save yourself from any damage.
  • We used the Topaz Rod to take down one of the Hinox bosses. However, you can use any strategy and weapon to take down this boss.

You can also check out our guide on how to kill Hinox in Tears of the Kingdom for more insight.

That’s all about the Zelda TOTK Hinox Locations on the map. If you liked this guide, check out our guides to find out how to farm all Swift Violets, how to get Scimitar of the Seven, and more Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.