How To Get The Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK) Stealth Armor

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Stealth Armor is what you should equip if you love to sneak attack enemies. This armor is a complete set of wearables, including a Stealth Mask, Stealth Chest Guard, and Stealth Tights. If you equip this Armor on Link, his movement speed will significantly increase during the night. You can purchase the entire Stealth Armor from the Enchanted Store in Kakariko Village of Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). However, there is a catch here, so we have made this guide to help you. Here’s how you can acquire the complete TOTK Stealth Armor.

Zelda TOTK Stealth Armor Location

Stealth Armor In Tears Of The Kingdom
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Stealth Armor is available for sale at the Enchanted Store in Kakariko Village. The coordinates of this store are – (1847, 0971, 0116). Inside the store, you can find both the Stealth Armor & Radiant Armor Set being sold at an unbelievable price. Each piece of the Stealth Armor is being sold at a ridiculous 5000 Rupee price at this shop.

However, if you speak to Claree, the shopkeeper, you will come to know the reason behind the high price of the Stealth Armor Set. During the conversation, she will reveal that her Grandmother is sick with a Gloom-Borne Illness. And for her treatment money, they had to raise the prices. If you manage to help Claree cure her Grandmother, she will give you a massive discount on the Stealth Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK).

Stealth Armor In Tears Of The Kingdom

To help Claree, you must find Lasli (her sister), who can also be found in the Kakariko Village. She is found sitting next to a Cooking Pot, trying to make a medicinal dish to cure their Grandmother. To get to Lasli easily, use these map coordinates – (1905, -1002, 0125). Speaking to her will activate the Gloom-Borne Illness Side Quest. So, you need to complete this Side Quest to get the Stealth Armor in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Complete the Gloom-Borne Illness Side Quest in TOTK

To cure Claree and Lasli’s Grandmother & complete the Gloom-Borne Illness quest, you must cook a dish called Sunny Veggie Porridge. Here are all the ingredients you need to cook the Sunny Veggie Porridge in Zelda TOTK.

  • Hylian Rice
  • Fresh Milk
  • Hyrule Herb
  • Sundelion
Stealth Armor In Tears Of The Kingdom
Hateno Village Store Location

Firstly, Hylian Rice & Fresh Milk can be purchased for 12 Rupees each from a store in Hateno Village. You can reach the Hateno Village easily by Fast traveling to Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. The coordinates for this store are – (3357, -2160, 0120). For the Hyrule Herb, you can get it easily by exploring open fields near Stables. And Sundelions are most commonly found in the Great Sky Islands region. You can find both the latter ingredients by doing an exploration for a while.

Once you have the ingredients, return to Lasli and hold all the ingredients from the Inventory. Afterward, go to the Cooking Pot next to Lasli and cook a Sunny Veggie Porridge. Doing so will initiate a cutscene that shows the Grandmother is cured. At this point, when you visit Claree’s Shop in Kakariko Village again, you will get the Stealth Armor at a much cheaper rate in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). Here is the final discounted price for each piece of the Stealth Armor Set:

  • Stealth Mask: 500
  • Stealth Tights: 600
  • Stealth Chest Guard: 700

You can now purchase and equip the Stealth Armor to be more agile during the night in Tears of the Kingdom. Also, now that you are here, why don’t you check out our other Zelda TOTK Guides on the Rubber Armor & Fierce Deity Armor?